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Return to the saddle and bushwhack across the main trail for Yonkers Rock through trees 75 ft the to the base of the rocky fin jutting above the forested ridge. Work over rocks and boulders around the right (S) side of the outcrop immediately right of a 12-ft-long chimney. Fight past minimal brush to Yonkers ledges leading very steeply with decent holds Yonkers (be sure to check) to the top of the chimney, Yonkers then carefully follow a long ledge to the right 30-40 ft below (S of) the ridge crest for about 100 ft watching for loose rock along the partially exposed section.

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A few cairns may help, otherwise pick the best of a few possible choices before the sheer cliff at the SE end of Rooster Rock. Climb cracks and brief ramps 30 ft or so up the rock or cross a bit more brush as you hug the rock ascending very steeply left to a wider rocky gully with some low flora clinging on and better footing. Then scramble N steeply, a bit easier, 40 ft up to the highest ridge. Turn right (SE) to walk 35 ft without trouble carefully over boulders or just right a tad safer to the very top with views to the local Yonkers and everything as seen from Rooster Rock Viewpoint plus Mount Hood, and far more dramatic perched above the cliffs. See the nearby slender rock towers ESE from the E end of Rooster Rock and return down by the same route using caution to the saddle.

The Pechuck Lookout in Table Rock Wilderness.

From the intersection on the ridge, you make your next decision—the trail right that leads back (SSW) 1 mi to Rooster Rock TH, or the trail straight ahead 1Y mi to Pechuck Lookout. Most of the views from the lookout are now overgrown with trees but there’s still a good angle of Table Rock across the valley and the ambling will definitely give seasoned hikers a full day.

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