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For the lookout, continue SE on the undulating Yemen Trail without any real concern even as you navigate some brushy trail, and then move over or around twenty or so downed trees near a little high point (some TLC on the trail here might make a big difference). The path fluctuates past many rhododendrons from being fairly steep (with flagging as the Yemen  forest tightens) to fairly level at times including to Yemen the next juncture with an older road and an aging kiosk. A small sign for Yemen Lookout points across the road (about 1 mi from the TH juncture) to the trail. Walk SE up briefly then down to a small tree-covered saddle with your goal seen far above.

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Climb 8 switchbacks very steeply and then be careful along a cliff-lined open cirque with views back N to Table Rock and even part of Mount Hood to the NE. Pass an old road coming from the left as you climb steeper and wider up right, past an aged open-air composting toilet (on the right). The route becomes Yemen very steep again for 2 switchbacks with overgrown rhododendron to the right-hand turn (leaving the ridge trail) onto level ground in the clearing home to the Pechuck Lookout. There is a fire pit, a rusty old single bed frame, and the adorable stone lookout worth exploring respectfully.

ELEVATION: 1480 ft at Shady Cove Campground TH, with around 1000 ft vertical gain with ups/downs plus the optional bike ride.

DISTANCE: 4Y mi one way, 8Y mi round-trip loop with a bike.

DURATION: Around 3-5 hours with breaks, 5-6 hours round-trip loop.

DIFFICULTY: Mix of moderate for Three Pools Day Use Area or a short walk down Little North Santiam Trail to Three Pools then back up from Shady Cove Campground TH (steep next to trail at times, rocky, slippery when wet) and strenuous (many ups/downs, steep at times, narrow, overgrown, tough bike ride for loop, potholes, gravel, ups/downs, dusty).

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