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We’ve also had the experience, particularly on the trans-Wichita route, of waiting to board, and then being told that there’s a mechanical problem and Wichita the flight will now leave the following morning. When that happens, the airline generally prefers to retain your checked bags, Wichita and so it’s a good idea to have whatever you need to hand for a night Wichita in a hotel in your roll-aboard.

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Most people take too much with them when they travel. If discipline is lacking on the first round, a ruthless second pack is a good idea. Every too-frequent flyer has his/her strategy for packing, and here’s my list. If there’s an invitation to an event that requires a ‘business suit’ – why does anyone inflict this on people in the twenty-first century? – it’s generally possible, if you’re not a main attraction, to get away with a black reefer jacket and black trousers. I always carry a couple of big, black office foldback clips that go over the bar on a standard clothes hanger – they work better than plastic clothes pegs for situations where there is no dedicated trouser hanger. Quick drying underwear is a good idea, and hotel shampoo is usually great for washing stuff through in the bathroom sink. Carry a light plastic hanger if you’re aiming to wash shirts. For those establishments that are too fancy to offer a retractable cord over the bath, a length of dual-stranded elastic clothesline with hooks at each end can always be rigged somewhere, and there’s no need for pegs.

I wonder at times whether some hotel rooms are actually designed by a human being who has ever spent a night in one. Apart from the trickery associated with the endless variations in plumbing technology, which need to be mastered before it’s possible to take a hot shower, there’s also the mystery, late at night and exhausted after a long flight, when you search endlessly for that last electronic switch to turn off a glaring light. And do you just pull the blinds, or is there a cord somewhere, or a switch that operates a motor? Why is it that, even if there is an electronic clock with a lit display, these products are always unique and have some incomprehensible mechanism for setting the alarm? Those printed information books that used to be in every room seem to have been consigned to history – we’re now expected to navigate our way through some obscure and unfamiliar menu on the TV set. Is it even possible to get the hotel TV off the paid movie channel so that you can actually see the news? First, though, if the TV is playing hideous elevator music when you reach the room, you have to work out how to turn it off!

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