Brazil Supermarket Outside of Brazil We’ve made s in Los Angeles and Paris And now we are in New York With Toddynho We finally found Toddynho And many many other brazilian products Let’s go Here we go Earlier in the day Where’s the samba? Rio Market She works here It’s not our first time doing this Oh my god Like, the couple who just got married You guys, do you see how’s this little hair today? I need hair cream Obviously Damon also needs hair cream I like this style Man I love brazilian hair cream Let’s make a whole in this I’m getting everything What would you do? Get the bucket Or the one I don’t know I’m gonna bald using this one You didn’t even see. The size of this aisle Oh my god Doing samba moves First question What is this? This?


Dog food We tried this already What’s this? Farofa? What’s this? This is an orange farofa that. Give color to the rice Because rice has no color What’s this? You put this in the Açaí To add more vegetables Why is this called “Açaí”? I don’t know Palm hearts of açaí I’m going to ask Everybody? There’s no one working I had to work What is this? Now I’m asking Rapadura Rapadura! It’s from the northeast, do you remember? What’s this? Codorniz? Codorniz Don’t break it Why are they brown? The questions is why are they white Why are eggs white, not brown? Do you know why? It’s because When the bird is white, the egg comes out white When the bird is brown, the egg comes brown Really? No I don’t know It’s quite like life is, right? Like. Do you have a white shell You break you own. You break your own shell And you come out of this shell To live as the real you Everyone has shells of different colors But we are all eggs inside This is the meaning of life We are all eggs.

I like this can Look You pull this to take the air out Sweet bread, I love it Lacta sweets, I love it Pilão coffee, I love it! Ovomaltine, I love it Soap that I don’t even know how to pronounce, I love it Paçoquinha, I love it Goiabada, Damon hates it Damon handling knives? I never saw that Chimarrão, never liked it but I have friends that do Do you know, there’s some people who are so hot They’re “quentão” (super hot) You guys, you know I like my tea just like myself Boldo I have a confession I’m miss my “Tia” Cláudia so much “Casulão” A big couple It’s not the same word Okay, moving on I didn’t even notice that you got so many She. I need to go to Brazil I really need You need just like I need to go to France The others. I know that you can Like, drink the whole hair cream The boy disappeared I’m so impressed That this tiny bit of chocolate milk has of sugars! This is a can of soda This is why i didn’t have any But now I have Fat? There’s fat in açaí? How?

I’m learning so many things that I don’t want to Then stop reading it We got a problem I just said “I think I’m getting some pão de queijo to put in the oven this weekend” It’s just After several, it will total a million dollars I’m getting it anyway I think this is the most brazilian thing I’ve ever seen They always have this in the “botecos”? I don’t want to hear my portuguese like this It’s wrong, it’s incorrect, it’s Joanna Franco’s “Joanna Francoado” You got it honey You guys, the only thing that I really need Is A better portuguese level Did you know my portuguese got worse after I “lost my speedos” Lost my speedos Almost got it You didn’t even watched the that “I made” “Que eu fiz” Why the portuguese language sucks Now you got it Let’s go I’m out of here, I’m getting everything Several sweets later We’re back The crazy ones arrived Hungry Do you have chicken coxinha? You guys, we’ve spent It’s not “spent” We invested Which is like a million reais I think I need to go back to Brazil Because I need to get to know more brazilian products I get there in that supermarket You get lost Lost. I don’t know what is what I don’t know what I’m going to like But of course there are things that I like Cheers Bye everybody You’re doing it, you’re doing it right “Damon and Jo, out of the store!

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