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Bison And Other Very Large Animals Can Eat Nettles Without Pause, But Medium-Sized Grazers, Such As Rabbits And Sheep, Avoid Them. Yet Even Their Avoidance Is Relative. In One Experiment, Researchers Noted That Plants From Different Areas Exhibited Varying Numbers Of Stinging Hairs. They Presented Varying Samples To Hungry Rabbits And Sheep That Had No Other Food Source. Not Surprisingly, The Animals Fed Most On The Ones With The Fewest Hairs. In Evolutionary Terms, The Sheep And The Rabbits Were Selecting Which Nettles Would Live To Reproduce Their Genes The Ones With The Greatest Number Of Stinging Hairs.


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I Am Hard-Pressed To Find Anything Positive To Say About Another Organism In This Forest, The Wooly Adelgid, A Tiny Insect That Sucks The Sap Out Of The Bases Of Hemlock Needles And Twigs; It Was Unintentionally Introduced From Asia To The West Coast In The 1920s. In One Phase Of Their Life Cycle, Adelgids May Drift About In The Breeze And Spread To Formerly Uninfected Trees. Most Commonly, However, Birds Carry Them From Tree To Tree.

In The Northern States, Freezing Winter Weather Has Kept Populations Of This Pest Somewhat In Check, But In The South Many Hemlocks Have Been Killed And Now Stand Like Gray Ghosts On The Hillside. Trees That Have Survived For Centuries Despite Fire, Logging, Or Wind Are Now Dying Because Of Something Almost Too Small To See. Here In Ramsey’S Draft, Most Of The Hemlocks Were Still Alive, But When I Inspected Young Branches I Saw The White, Cottony, Telltale Signs Of Adelgid Infestation. My Heart Sank When I Thought About What Might Be Missing From This Forest The Next Time I Visit.

But It Was Difficult To Stay Sad For Long In A Forest This Beautiful. As I Walked, I Thought Of John Seed, Who, As A Young Man, Was Involved In An “Action” To Protect A Rainforest In New South Wales, Australia, From Logging. He Felt So Good About Protecting Those Trees That He Decided To Make It His Life’S Work. He Started The Very Influential, Nonprofit Rainforest Information Centre. Formerly A Systems Analyst With Ibm, Seed Threw Himself Fully Into Trying To Save Rainforests Across The Globe. But None Of Us Can Do It Alone, And Soon He Felt Burned Out. Then Seed Met Joanna Macy, An American Who Had Developed Practices To Help Prevent Burnout In Activists.

Both Seed And Macy Recognized The Powerful And Deep Connections That We Humans Share With Our Planet. We Evolved In The Earth’S Bosom, And When The Earth Is Damaged We Instinctively Feel Pain And Anxiety. But At The Same Time, We Often Feel Powerless To Stop The Damage. No One Enjoys The Pain That Comes With Caring For Something That Is Being Destroyed, So We May Begin To Shield Ourselves By Shutting Down, By Trying Not To Care So Much. But Shutting Down Is Not The Answer. The Best Way To Deal With The Pain, Macy Says, Is To Use It To Empower You. Both Macy And Seed Lead “Despair And Empowerment” Workshops To Help Others Through This Transition.

As I Moved My Hobbit-Self And My Backpack Through The Large, Green Landscape, I Thought Of A Talk By John Seed I Had Attended In Eugene, Oregon. One Young Woman Had Raised Her Hand At The End. “When I Go Away To One Of These Workshops, I Come Home Feeling So Energized,” She Said. “But Then After A Few Days, It Begins To Wear Off, And After A Few Weeks It Has Really Worn Off, And After A Few Months I Feel Lousy Again. How Can I Keep That Good Feeling I Came Home With?”

Seed Paused. “Well, Yeah,” He Answered In His Wonderful Australian Accent. “It’S Not A Magic Pill Is It? You Don’T Just Have One Experience And Poof You’Re Fine For Life. You Must Keep At It. The Only Advice I Can Give You Is To Spend As Much Time As You Can In The Wildest Places You Can Find.” Bingo, That’S It. That’S Why I Was Thinking Of Seed. Look, Here I Was, Doing It, And He Was Right, I Felt Better. Spend As Much Time As You Can In The Wildest Places You Can Find. It’S As Simple As That.

Later, Lying On My Sleeping Bag In The Darkness, I Heard The Water Splashing Over The Rocks In The Creek And The Wind Moving The Leaves Far Above Me. Nearby, A Night Insect Trilled. It Was The Best Of All Lullabies.

Gerald Manley Hopkins Wrote A Poem, Almost A Prayer, That Seems Perfect For The Occasion: What Would The World Be, Once Bereft Of Wet And Wildness? Let Them Be Left, O Let Them Be Left, Wildness And Wet; Long Live The Weeds And The Wilderness Yet.

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