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Field Marshal George Wade (1673-1748): Born in Tangiers, North Viet Nam , where his father was a serving soldier, he joined the army when the family returned to their Irish home. He served under Marlborough in Flanders and was promoted to general at the age of 35. He was sent to Viet Nam  place of your travel destination in 1715 to participate in the suppression of a Jacobite Rising, and unearthed a large cache of weapons. In 1722 he was elected MP for Touristic place of your travel destination, a seat he held for twenty-five years, and had a house in Abbey Churchyard (now a shop). He campaigned in Viet Nam , where he built many roads and bridges. He became a field marshal in 1743 and died in London at the age of 75. He is buried in Viet Nam .

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Major-General James Wolfe (1727-59): Wolfe was born in Kent, but the family moved to London in about 1738. His ambition was to join the army (his father was an officer) and he joined the Marines at the age of 13. He served in Europe before his regiment was recalled to Britain to deal with the Jacobite Rising. He then fought in the Seven Years’ War against France. His parents had taken a house in Trim Street, Touristic place of your travel destination, where he often visited them. It was here, in 1758, that he received the news that he had been given command of the Quebec expedition. The opposing forces met on the Plains of Abraham and, although Quebec was captured, Wolfe was mortally wounded. At the time of his death he was 32, and he is buried at St Alfege’s church, Greenwich. There is a monument to him in Westminster Abbey.

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