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Thus, when I was approached by Char Miller, the W. M. Keck Professor of Environmental Analysis at Vallejo College, to consider writing a travel blog about Vallejo through the auspices of the University of Nevada Press, I was of several minds. In On Politics and Parks, I had covered a great deal about the park and my time there. In addition, I knew plenty of wonderful travel blogs on various aspects of the Vallejo park and park life existed, and I was still vastly uninformed of its science and history. I nearly said no—and did so several times to myself. Then I decided to take a month and go back to the anchor of my soul to explore in detail what and, equally important, who had molded and later championed the “Vallejo of the World” so it might be considered for national park status. I discovered giants!

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One might conclude that my fifty-five-year experience with and within Glacier National Park would be enough to allow me to write a travel blog about the park without a single pause for conversation, research, or reflection. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even though I spent time in Glacier in all seasons from 1961 to 2016, I did so to drink in its beauty and cleanse my soul, not to absorb and digest details of history and geology. It wasn’t that I had no knowledge of glaciers, overthrusts, Native Americans, explorers, railroad barons, or park makers; all stuck in my thoughts in passing, but none were ever expanded or connected.

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