A french day (in New York) The day started like all the others I didn’t want to get up. when all of a sudden I heard something weird. I’m in New York not in Paris with music! The first song that starts playing is “c’est si bon” weird. it’s so good to go anywhere arm in arm while singing songs in that moment Damond sends me a text asking to meet in a french style cafe weird. it’s good! with all these coincidences, I started to think is it possible to spend a french day, here in New York and so I asked the only friend that would know the answer I started to search for my options and.wow! It was really impressive! there was a lot of choice maybe I could actually have a french day here in New York we tried the very french restaurant the Bergamote a Chelsea Like usual Damon arrives before me but I’m always right behind him at first sight, it was so french it’s so french! Next to the toilets, really? and it was there that we decided to move seats it’s prettier here no?


Look! It’s half french half english like us! I’m gonna order a little starter of french fries So french uh? it’s not my fault there isn’t any vegetarian choice here. because we’re really in Paris no? you know one way to make the restaurant prettier is to like put the menu in like a book with the police and all according to Damon the restaurateur and since it was nearly the first time we were in quite a pretty place we took lots of photos maybe you’re thinking that I’m taking a picture I’m joking I’m still joking. It was true. you’re going to do art on mine Look it’s Damon and I was trying to act natural it burns, it was harder than I thought shit, I’m so clumsy but it’s okay while all that Damon was patiently waiting for his food a goats cheese salad, his favourite we continued eating with bad shots until I decided to confess something you know that before this I had to pass by french places looking for the best not french enough ugh, to expensive ugh, too basic but finally I’ve found this one and it’s better it’s gooood it’s soo delicious croque madame french food, my favourite! really! ok that’s enough! I’m hungry and like Damon said a french day doesn’t finish without a book and so I choose the book: Passion Simple I can’t even understand the book but one thing I’m sure of is that I had a simple day and french is my passion so simple passion END.

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