I hate morning flights. Hey everyone, it’s Damon Hey everyone, it’s Jo I want to keep sleeping. We’re going to the airport, and we’re going to show you our routine which is a pretty normal routine to be honest Prête. Je suis prêt. I didn’t film my routine like Jo But don’t worry, I still brushed my teeth. Shhhh. Ciao ciao ciao Pardon Fricking struggle For a month in NY, that was my room Voilà, the suitcases. I have a lot of them, right? I have a lot of them. Arrived at the airport and I’m tirrrred This is the first time I’m traveling with so many bags Thoughts before this flight: wait, did I book an aisle seat? So hungry Good morning Always early Scared you? You scared me so much Wait did you know that a frappé is actually Greek? And not Italian? I mean I never thought it was Italian?


Mind blown. Those freaking roses Everyone’s been looking at me Yeah you think I’m like Cupid They’re travel-sized Spin around, spin around Field trip singing Party in the USA Only in the USA We’re trying to watch the same movie at the same time But it’s not working I only watch movies on airplanes Cuz I’m luxurious like that Look at Jo Mother of three Wait he’s here already I’m ready for another hour in the car Love traveling Ready to go eat? Red Robin is THAT place that we go to when we want comfort when we need to feel like we’re back in the USA bottomless All the sides are bottomless Since it’s bottomless, he gets the broccoli and I get the sweet potato fries Then we share They said once that they put their broccoli in the microwave I know, and it’s perfect And I typically don’t believe in microwaves That apartment that you saw in New York My roomie was French No microwave Like me I support it but I mean it’s not practical really Yeah you need it The great return to Los Angeles Part two! Ooooooh! We’ve only been here for minutes And it’s just for tonight In minutes, we have to go do a rehearsal for a speech K let’s go Jo? I think she’s still sleeping.

No really she’s sleeping still Literally just opened my eyes when you said that You ready? No I just woke back up What do you want to do? What do I want to do? We gotta go! What do I want to do? Sleep. Probably fix my hair too Jo you ready to be on a panel? No Then you’ll give the best responses Beautiful. For the two seconds we’re here Welcome to Disneyland, California We were all like “No, no, no we’re too tired to go out!” We were ready for sleep, maybe a lil bit more work But that didn’t happen No, now we’re going to like. Throw a party at Disney They were like “you guys are invited to our party tonight!” We were like. GREAT! SIGN US UP! AMERICA They have these trees in Tokyo So luxurious So beautiful Happy we came! Even in Disney We listen to La Vie en Rose We started this thinking it’d be another title Our Travel Airplane Routine But I had nothing to say Actually I’ve said nothing in this either Still This entire I’ve said nothing These are the first words I’ve said all Comment below what you think of this lifestyle of always traveling Scratch that. That’s a lame question. That’s a lame comment. What do you think of it? You probably think it’s cool. Was it a surprise? WHOA WAIT. WHY ARE YOUR SHOES ON MY BED? They’re technically not “on” the bed. You’re not going to sleep on this bed. That’s where I took my nap. Y’all saw. You have TWO beds Like so exaggerated So unnecessary This bed is for a lil something else Why? Yeah with who Yeah with you Ew That’s all cuz I’m ready to take a shower for the first time today Bisous everyone. Buh bye now See you next Friday I was so ready to come back to the hotel to take my shower to chill out and then you know what happened? NOT THAT Y’all saw. I was in this bed, napping. Doing that one lame shot where I turn on the camera Get back in bed And I act like I was “just waking up” All of a sudden, we start seeing people We start talking There’s new energy flowing Then we’re like WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND, RIGHT?.

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