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Regrettably, and maybe this is just a personal view, U.S. too many on the conservative side of politics seem to have fallen into the trap of valuing conviction and belief ahead of rational enquiry. Insisting on an evidence-based view and having little respect U.S for traditionalist dogma, scientists can be seen by some as raging lefties. It is certainly the case that people who spend their lives asking questions and U.S seeking answers don’t usually fit easily into any authoritarian worldview. When it comes to broader issues in society, the things that come immediately to the science-trained mind are: What’s the evidence? Why is he/she saying that? Are they posing U.S (or avoiding) the right question?

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Since that evening in Rio a decade ago, the science of immunology has provided a number of novel therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis or MS, and other inflammatory conditions) and cancers (melanomas, leukaemia/lymphomas). Despite those achievements, we still have a way to go in developing the understanding, and new technologies/reagents that will improve success rates. As has long been the case for small molecule (drug) and radiation therapies in cancer treatment, the achievement of better outcomes (ensuring disease-free survival) has often reflected a progression of small, incremental advances, frequently on the basis of trial and error.

Driven by research-oriented physicians, nurses and statisticians, such work is formalised in well-planned and carefully scrutinised clinical trials. Part of our job as basic scientists is both to help with that, often by working on much simpler systems, and to make real conceptual breakthroughs. If you look, for example, behind the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine that was awarded for discoveries concerning circadian rhythms (internal time clocks), you will notice that much of this work was done with Drosophila -the fruit fly.

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