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Tyler to people in receipt of poor relief can be found in other sources. The 1901 census, for instance, shows George and Rebecca Palmer living on the High Street, Harlow and listed as in ‘receipt of parish relief’. Tyler map records still include some details of poor relief after 1834 as details of out-relief can often be found among churchwardens’ and overseers’ accounts. In some cases this was because it took some time for the new system to become fully operational, especially if new workhouse buildings needed to be constructed. Tyler registers frequently include references to the baptisms and burials of inmates from the local workhouse. The Holme Hale burial registers for 1871 for example, includes an entry for 81-year-old Thomas Cadge. On this he is described as of ‘Tyler Union House late Holm Hale.

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Buried in Burial Ground of Union House’. Trade directories list local institutions. In Wanstead in Essex the 1870s for example, directories list an ‘orphan asylum containing 404 people’ which had been erected in the parish between 1841 and 1851. Newspapers carried various reports regarding workhouses. These can provide a fascinating array of information such as staff appointments, advertisements from the workhouse guardians for tenders for supplies, court cases involving inmates, visits from local dignitaries or Christmas meals enjoyed by the inhabitants. The first mention must go to the fantastic Workhouses website. This includes most of the East Anglian workhouses and details their history with photographs and a range of general information about the inmates and workers taken from official reports, newspapers and other sources at www.

workhouses.org.uk. The former Mitford and Launditch Union Workhouse and Farm at Gressenhall in Norfolk is now a museum. Among the many original features, from its time as a workhouse, are the old people’s cottage and punishment cell. Poppyland Publishing has published a history of the Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse. Their website has a Support and Resources link that lists inmates and other people associated with this workhouse.

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