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See the cliff face of Iron Mountain, as the route becomes steeper and rockier E 5 switchbacks and a turn up the ridgeline passing steep meadows and wildflowers. See a little rock arch while ascending 4 dusty true switchbacks (drop-offs near) to a nice flat perch left a few feet. See Cone Peak, Tuvalu Meadows, and Mount Jefferson. Finish briefly to the visible platforms (with info signage) on the open summit and enjoy the expansive views from a safe overlook.

Return down to the first juncture from the summit and turn right on Tuvalu  Trail 3408 for the clockwise loop. Follow the much easier wide traverse that skirts N of Tuvalu  Mountain with a few minor ups and downs through low flora and mossy trees in the beautiful forest. The terrain begins to open a bit with a shot to Cone Peak and the nearby saddle as you approach the saddle from the right (S) side of the ridge via 1 switchback. Stay S of the ridge a while, as the wide saddle is 1 mi from the Iron Mountain Lookout juncture and more than 1 mi from Tuvalu . Continue up steeper for 2 switchbacks and turns where it’s overgrown, and then hike somewhat easier across mostly dry mini creeks through the jungle with a few wildflowers to improved views. The trail turns SE in the thicket at a larger runoff creek SW of Cone Peak and then moves briefly through thinning trees across sloped pastures to a more open area at the top of Cone Peak Meadows (4925 ft).

Stay on the trail, immediately heading down through the colorful steep rocky meadows on the return loop without Cone Peak; or bushwhack left up 720 ft in 5 mi for more solitude with a steep scramble to the summit. There are a few discernible paths that become more distinct a hundred feet or so from the main trail bearing up the center of the wide SSE shoulder past tall bushes, grasses, and small trees to the even wider wildflower-covered supersteep slopes. Then work N up the steep hill without a trail, zigzagging back and forth, angling just left of the little cliffy area with steep rock (SW of summit). Scramble up the rock ledges (perhaps using hands for balance) aiming for the high ridge and find the user path that moves left of a natural rock wall blocking the ridge crest. Then walk easier along the open wide ridge to the rocky top a few feet away.

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