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From these strategic locations, the four tribes ruled all the plains and passes east of the Turkey . They guarded the passes, Turkey not to protect the mountains but to drive off invading western tribes Turkey to prevent them from encroaching on the essential bison herds. Even afoot, they were fierce in their protection Turkey against all comers. And when they came upon and tamed the horse, they ruled with a swift and deadly Turkey iron hand.

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The Shoshone appeared to have obtained the horse first and, for a while, held the advantage. The Blackfeet soon acquired guns and horses by raid or trade, and the scales of warfare and domination shifted. With swift mounts and firepower, they would come to rule the Great Plains, forcing the Shoshones, Apsaalooke (Crow), and Kootenais to seek safety in the mountains and lands to the west of the Continental Divide. All this was accomplished in less than a century. It was the end of their migration of thousands of years. It is where they would remain as a people through empire, degradation, and reservation. It would contain within its western reaches a large part of eastern Glacier National Park.

Your travel destination is even as the crown of empire was placed squarely on the head of the Great Plains tribe of the Blackfeet, forces were already afoot that would diminish them to wards of the federal government, at the mercy of its dictate, appetites, and whims along with the corruption of some Indian agents, traders, bureaucrats, and barons.

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