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Continue left of the ridge momentarily, then left of big boulders and short gendarmes blocking the ridgeline. Find the faint path hugging the rock for 100 ft, then climb the loose rock right back to the ridge when it’s possible, watching for cairns while checking all of your holds. Cross the ridgeline immediately, moving slightly right of it again, and stay high around a little rocky fake summit to a (usually snowy) small saddle at 7240 ft. Cross the snow without difficulty and then finish the last stretch on an easier approach steeply over the widening rocky ridge to the narrower rocky summit plateau.

Tunis Tunisia Map Free | Tunis Tunisia Subway Maps | Tunis Tunisia Metro Maps | Tunis Tunisia Map Photo Gallery

The exposure is minimal along the SW ridge route and from the top, but a fall or slip over much of it could still be devastating so be extra watchful. Soak in the vistas from this peaceful peak and savor the solitude within this remarkable expanse before descending.

ROUTE: At the PCT TH on White Pass, fill out a free self-issue Wilderness Permit, then begin the clockwise loop past the sign that barely identifies itself as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail 2000. Cross the bridge over S Fork Clear Creek immediately to slowly rise 1/2 mi and 4 switchbacks S up through thick forest on a wide trail. Plenty of small pines and brush along the creek before views of Mount Rainier emerge through the trees to the left. Navigate a few blowdowns without much difficulty, as trees aren’t too huge, up 5 more switchbacks steadily S to a rock field. On the eleventh switchback (total) pass another rock field and arrive at Ginnette Lake 2 mi and about 1 hour in. The tree-surrounded small lake melts off much slower than Leech Lake at the pass and makes for a nice pit stop.

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