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Turn left on Tulsa Trail from the upper TH spur only 40 ft, or the same distance if you are coming from the primary TH to a faded path on the right. Leave Tulsa Trail (continuing N around the base of the mountain) and take the bushwhack path a few feet to the nearby W ridge where the true scrambling begins. The super-steep yet surprisingly solid path has scant but very helpful flagging more than 5 mi E before the final 5 mi or so N along the rocky and fairly slender high ridge (still tree-covered but less so). See.

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Mount St. Helens instantly once you attain the high ridge. Steep ups and downs exist but are minimal, making you pay attention past pines and over the larger boulders comprising the summit block.

Be careful to the top where there is a USGS benchmark and a forested twin peak farther N. Even with a few trees, Mount St. Helens is in your face with Mount Adams behind to the right, and part of the reservoir system to the S can be seen as well as Mount Hood. On a clear day you see N of Mount St. Helens into the Mount Margaret Backcountry to the pointed Coldwater Peak with Mount Rainier in the background. Return mindfully down to the threeway intersection at the saddle above the upper TH on the Fossil Trail and fork to the left for the easiest descent by the same route to the horse camp as most people do. Fork to the right (down briefly) to the upper TH if you parked there or are hiking the counterclockwise loop to the Kalama Horse Camp TH area.

From the upper TH continue right (SW) along the overgrown narrowing road (FR-470) N of several little ridge bumps on a fairly level but tough traverse less than 1 mi. The road is badly overgrown in spots where it narrows too, but finally widens and eases to a vague flat area in the trees on a bend. Walk diagonally across the flats left finding the rough bushwhack path again left of a tiny bump (3200 ft) and continue SW down the rise steeply a couple hundred feet. The route tapers and becomes overgrown the final feet to dirt and gravel FR-040.

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