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The tow a subway because these lines are owned by two separate companies you have to. And pass through a ticket barrier before transferring the good news is if you have a sweeter or pasmo card more on those in a second it’s a pretty straightforward process just tap in. And tap out I’m writing on the subway there’s also the jr. East Network which is home to the jr yamanote a line now this line will be your friend whiter in Tokyo because it does a full loop of the city look for the green line on the map. And the green trains because the Tokyo transit system can be a little bit confusing there’s a policeman st. And ing right next year because the Tokyo transit system can be a little bit confusing it’s not a bad idea to get a transit app on your phone rail map light is pretty good but it’s hard to beat Google Maps now both of those will need a data connection to be of any use to you when leaving the subway these yellow signs show which exit corresponds with which destination above-ground extremely h. And y because some of these subway stations are the size of small English villages like many major cities with trains. And subways here in Tokyo tend to stop running between midnight. And : a.m.. So plan accordingly if you need to travel between midnight.

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And : a.m. than taxi is really your only option attack these are abundant in Tokyo but they are a little bit more expensive than other forms of transport in the city a couple things to note about travelling by taxi between : p.m.. And : a.m. the fares increased by % when you’re hailing a taxi look for the red sign in the window. And the lit top bar one neat little quirk about Tokyo taxis is the rear passenger doors open. And close automatically. So you don’t need to do it yourself one last thing on taxis don’t assume that your taxi driver is going to speak English it’s much better to bring your destination print it out on a card or even bring a map with you most hotels will be more than happy to provide that for you one final thing on transport it’s definitely worth getting a Suika or pass MOU card Japan stored-value transit system not only can you use it on train subways. And buses but also in every major convenience store.

And vending machine but it will also automatically take care of your transfer fee when you inevitably switch between one train service. And another there’s no difference between the Suika. And pass no carts they’re just owned by different companies you can buy. And recharge them at any of the kiosks in any station where you’d ordinarily buy a ticket.

And all those kiosk are in English too. So no worries there both types of card require a yen deposit which you’ll get back when you return the card the minimum charge amount is a thous. And yen. And it’s cash only. So bear that in mind when you pick yours up Tokyo is quantifiably Tokyo is quantifiably the best food city on the planet it Tokyo is quantifiably the best food city on the planet it has michelin-starred restaurants that’s more than London Paris. And New York combined this is a place where you should stow your inhibitions in the overhead Locker. And be adventurous a thous.

And food surprises are waiting for you in the covered alleyways the three-person yakitori joints in the indecipherable ramen menus. So relax go with the flow. And you will be absolutely blown away by the food here in Tokyo as you know we take etiquette pretty seriously here on attache. So a couple of eating. And drinking etiquette points before we dive into Tokyo’s food if you’re going to use chopsticks. And you should at least try don’t spear your food with a single chopstick or leave your topstick st. And ing upright in a bowl of rice both are considered extremely rude also don’t leave your chopsticks crossed on the plate Bowl or table breakfast a loser’s meal discuss.

So with the evils of jetlag firmly upon us Greg. And I’ve been waking up it obscenely early hours of the day. And as we’ve w. And ered the streets of Tokyo at seven o’clock in the morning looking for breakfast we’ve realized it’s not really a big meal here in Japan. And conversations with friends here have confirmed that effect. So coffee shops don’t seem to open until : a.m.. And there’s not many breakfast options outside of hotel restaurants. So bear that in mind before you start your day’s adventures. So of course a staple of Japanese food is ramen. And you can find some of the best ramen here in Tokyo but given this is our first trip to Tokyo we wanted to find someone to guide us through our very first Tokyo ramen experience. So we found the guy that literally wrote the book on Tokyo ramen Brian McDuck simmer. So you run ramen adventures dr. Tom. So I ramen.

And it’s for me it’s kind of us in everyman food in Japan you know there’s no high end ramen you know sushi you got this place you can’t get reservations to. And if we could its $ a person there’s a lot of different variation in Japanese cuisine Ramin it’s across the board nice. So we’re gonna go. And try two different types of ramen. And parts of Tokyo yeah I’m looking forward to this let’s do it first stop had a gaya where we learned the art of ordering the invaluable knowledge that if in doubt the top left option is your friend. And perhaps more importantly we learned that slurping is actually encouraged next up scheming a different take on ramen where the noodles are served cold just is susceptible to a good slurping. And just like that with our stomachs.

And hearts full. And with a copy of Brian’s book in h. And we bid farewell. And we had no idea what was about to hit us Kobe beef I think that was the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten in my life no I don’t say that lightly. And I mean that that might have been the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted that was mind old really good that sea urchin just kind of melts into the beef what what do I do now like I don’t even know what to do think I’m going to buy a beer. And a vending machine because this is the greatest city in the world I think I should get the green label because I get screwed for good times. So many coins light years ahead of us Tokyo is an international city there’s no doubt about it but one of the things I have noticed is not a lot of people speak English.

So it is really useful to come with a few key Japanese phrases. And words under your belt. And a great way to do that is with our friends over at itok accom. And if you click on the link below you can get one Japanese lesson absolutely free when you buy another one in advance Japan uses the yen coins range from to yen where notes take over in , , ,. And , yen denominations despite being the technological center of the known universe I mean we seen the toilets here Japan is still a very cash centric economy. So don’t assume that a bar or a restaurant or a shop is going to take credit card. And make sure you have got plenty of cash on you I finally found my nirvana which brings me to a very important Tokyo tip Tokyo tip I like that we should have a graphic for that Greg ATMs or cash points in Tokyo have an odd quirk they close on the evenings.

And weekends I have no idea why but some not all a lot will close up shop around o’clock. And I’m really glad that our friend Joseph came told us that before we made complete asses of ourselves if you’re in a pinch. And need an ATM after hours look for a -eleven most of them are open hours a day. And half ATMs. And another thing that we’ve learned many many times in the brief amount of time we’ve been here is just because your ATM card has visa or service on it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work look for ATMs at Citibank. And -eleven for safe bets Tokyo has a reputation as being an expensive city. And in some cases that reputation is justified but it can be a surprisingly affordable place if you’re willing to explore the yen has lost a lot of its value in recent years meaning your pound or dollar is going a lot further than it used to.

So what does things cost in Tokyo let’s do the run dogs mine of beer will cost you yen. And cover coffee er cost around yen. And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re gonna pay about yen. So what about our good friend tipping tipping is considered rude in Japan. And should not be I felt good to say man say it again do not tip in Japan okay but why when you tip it could be interpreted in a couple of different ways firstly you’ve got a level of service that you didn’t expect. So you feel compelled to give more but good service is considered a part of what you pay for here in Japan. So when you tip you’re putting your server in a really awkward position another way it could be interpreted is that you’re somehow better than your server. So the bottom line here is do not tip in Japan it’s been a long day of filming I’m knackered.

So I’m just gonna enjoy it a nice quiet beer. And a nice quiet joint here in Tokyo with some friends that’s a great way to end a Tokyo Japan everybody it’s taken me . And a half to be precise years to get to Tokyo. And for most of those . And a half years people have kept saying to me octo Kyoto Kyoto is the greatest city in the world I’ve traveled a lot I’ve kind of been like it it can’t be that good but now that I’ve been here I get it this is a hyper modern city that is built on deep deep traditional roots you can walk down a city street in Tokyo.

And see the future being defined right in front of you take a few more steps. And you see practices that haven’t changed in a thous. And years I think for a traveller you are defined by before Tokyo. And everything after Tokyo. And it is a water line a line in the s. And for every traveller I do Tokyo if you’ve been to the city before you think we’ve missed something then leave it in the comments below we remember the relaxing time yes biggis of story time right I couldn’t possibly wrap this episode without thanking Chris John Frankie Shin Paul SATA CO. And especially Joseph for their time generosity expertise in good humor we couldn’t have done this without you guys Hello everybody. And welcome to attache this show my god Greg run you fool the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we’re here we’re finally here in Tokyo plastic we know.

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