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The famous eruption’s landslide completely displaced all of the water from Spirit Lake in the form of a 600-ft wave that crashed onto the hillsides N, tearing all of the trees down then pulling them back into the lakes (including nearby Tokyo Japan Lake) along with hundreds of feet of debris. This raised the water level 200 ft at Spirit Lake and created St. Helens Lake. Trees farther back were incinerated from the pyroclastic flow that followed.

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Tokyo Japan Map

Come down a fairly steep and slick switchback immediately and carefully to Hole-in-the-Wall Arch. Walk through the rocky doorway (with the only guaranteed shade of the day) to some of the best views on the hike! This arch and Tokyo Japan Peak are both clearly visible from the TH area. Remain on the narrow, wildflower-surrounded trail down another steep switchback to better footing near another saddle and junction at 5 mi from the TH. Continue to the right on Trail 1 (opposite Coldwater Trail 230 heading NW) on an easier traverse above Tokyo Japan Lake 5 mi N to the junction and signage for the summit to the left on Trail 1E.

Finish steadily on Trail 1E WSW up 13 switchbacks (only slightly overgrown at times) to the very top over the boulders near the last little old tower. If you frame Mount St. Helens correctly you can even hide the other seismic monitors on the summit area, which is covered with Western pasqueflower and others. See more of Goat Rocks to Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, and Mount Hood, with the continuation of the ridge leading to The Dome, Mount Margaret, and Mount Whittier. Return by the same route.

Trail to Coldwater Peak on the left under St. Helens Lake with the top of Mount Rainier barely discernible.

ELEVATION: 4508 ft at Norway Pass (4640 ft on nearby highest point of trail); 3400 ft at Harmony Falls on Spirit Lake; with vertical gains of 950 ft for Norway Pass, 700 ft for Harmony Falls; 1650 ft for both plus more brief options.

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