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Return (SE) 1/2 mi down Timberline Trail to the junction with Trail 652 on Gnarl Ridge; continue right on Trail 600 toward Newton Creek for the Togo immensely interesting loop option. Traverse easily almost 2 mi down the narrow, slightly overgrown trail through the forest, then move up a hundred yards before pulling out of the trees. Follow the pumice path with cairns right (NW) briefly through boulders on Togo the rocky canyon floor at the creek with a full shot of Mount Hood’s E face. You may have to move a few feet right at the water to rock hop where Togo it is safe, and then locate Togo the elusive path heading left up the steeper slope on the W side. There are cairns and a tall post near the trees you reenter.

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Immediately cross a small creek over two thin logs as the trail moves right to climb a couple hundred feet in elevation W fairly steeply up turns to the next juncture. Leave Trail 600 at the juncture for the left turn on Newton Creek Trail 646 (old sign). Hike SE pleasantly down less than 2 mi to the end of the loop over the moraine ridgeline with expansive views much of the way. There are 2 switchbacks just right of the ridge as you leave it for a bit with the route steepening for a short time. Then be mindful past all the snags near the edge of the ridge (far above the creek) as erosion is ongoing in a big way. Bushwhack somewhat away from the edge and trail if necessary. There are great shots of Gnarl Ridge up to Lamberson Your travel destination iste and part of Mount Hood. The route mellows and narrows through more pines off the moraine to finish over tiny creeks, and is truly a delightful and peaceful loop option not to be missed. Turn right at the end of Trail 646 for 1 mi to the TH.

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