Jo, are you ready? I’m picking my wedgie. Got you butt ready? Got my wedgie ready for you guys. What up. We’re a little happy because we’re in Laguna Beach. We’re in Southern California, we live in LA. But it’s like why stay in LA when you can drive to Laguna? You guys, honestly we got a little bored so we came to Laguna and that’s why. Hit it. Jo, did you actually watch Laguna Beach in high school?


One episode. Me and them, nothing in common. Everybody’s like Jo, where’d you get this swim suit? This is how you know Big Lots. How cheap. Go to an Urban Outfitters. You ask for the box of bathing suits at the end of the season. There is dust on the box. dollars. Let me see. dollas. dollars. dollars. The chump got left behind. It’s okay, we’re back. It’s okay. Watch it. Watch it, Jo. You’re being vulgar and loud. Jo are you going to go in the water? Maybe. Because I want to freeze my bleep off. For every who thought Socko and I were the same person, surprise! We’re just sisters. Actually, I edited this so there’s actually two of the same person right here. This is a piece of Jo’s shoe. These are expensive. Really? I’ve had them for like seven years. You sure about that, JO? Nap time. It’s beautiful. Doing the same thing. Oh my god, lovers. I dedicate this to the lovers. To my lover. Show me a place where dreams Ride on a magic carpet and know Are you? Who knows that song? Yes I am. Can you do that thing where you act like you’re taking a of me but actually film them? Come here, baby. Here’s a flower. Before I put on my make up Forever and ever we never will bottle how I love you forever and ever. Keep going. Is that? I cut it off for your solo. Couple goals, that is it.

It’s about them. Why are we both acting like we don’t have lovers. Oh what! You caught me. This in my lover that I was talking about. And this my lover and we’re a throuple. On a honeymoon. So this is what you do in the middle of Southern California, you go to Red Robin. Yum! So if it’s not bad enough that I’m not on Masocko’s insurance for her car, I just got her a few tickets or two just now on the highway. I wanted to forget about that. Did you literally get a ticket? Yes, he drove. Jo, look up from your phone. The lights flashed. You got a ticket? No, it’s because Google Maps told us to take a toll road. How much do we owe her? Damn it. It’s like a ticket. Stop. Stop. Well you’re about to get hit by the car maybe we can get a lawsuit. There was no toll thing. You guys, they just say it was dark on the highway so they flashed so we could see more. I cannot believe that we just got her a ticket. Yeah, I hope that’s fun paying that. Let’s go to Red Robin. It’s two words. It’s two words, the subject is TV show. The Office. You have my phone, right? I do. Can I have it maybe? No, it’s a family dinner. We need to be talking as a family. It’s two words, it’s a TV show. Bomb. Yes. Boom, y’all? The poops because you guys are those. If your don’t guess it then you get really sick and throw up at the table right now. Are you just throwing in words? The todays? The Office, god. But why, why do I care? I really did see the last people looking at her saying sorry. I just put it in my mouth. She’s just like biggest piece of broccoli could have parted it three ways. It’s bottomless. Yeah. Do I see a bottom? I see a bottom. I saw you eat glass on that side. No that was Damon. That was probably me.

That was you. Me and my margarita are out to dinner. I don’t know these goons are. It’s like these silly things that American places do. Americans are so silly. That would not happen in another country. They just like did a whole festive happy birthday song. It was table ‘s birthday so everyone in the restaurant went over there and started singing. Oh wait, I have a question how do you steam your broccoli? [Watiress] Uh, microwave. Well now we know. Microwave. The secret to why we love Red Robin so much because of their broccoli, it’s microwaved. Jo clicked one button on here, it started playing a game and we just got charged. I’m sorry. I wasn’t planning on that. Wait, I thought the sides came with the meal. Me too. So who’s paying for the game? Actually it was your whole idea so you guys have to pay for it. So I touched the button for a game and I didn’t actually play the game. I literally canceled it. Okay, phew. I need every dollar I can spare. So what are we playing when we get back to the hotel? That’s a real question, what games are we playing? The go to sleep game. Jo is the biggest grandma. I got enough white hairs to be a grandma. I want to play the heads up game. Oh we should play that, I’ll stay awake for that. How many rounds. Commitment issues. So you have two double beds or one double bed. We’re doing that thing where we pay for two people in the hotel. And we’re going to smuggle her in. Five minutes later a dirty girl with beach clothes comes on, like they’ve never seen me before. I’m just going up.

I’m just to help them settle in I’m their personal assistant. And then you never leave. Yeah. Personal assistant. Here they are. Are you guys knocking on the wrong door? Get in here. I was about to scream outside the door you’re strippers are here. What’s the gross part about having a bag on the floor? Potentially taking home bugs. In a hotel room we paid good money for? This is where we catch them diseases. Damon just farted. Guys we successfully scammed the system. Damon farted. I did not fart, not yet. Masocko has the best travel hack for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for parking. Yeah, we’re just going to pretend that my car was broken into so we don’t have to pay for parking. And then what We’ll bash one of the windows out. There’s an s and s party downstairs and Masocko wants to wear this. Bo chika wow wow. Chicka chicka chicka bow chicka wow wow. She really said are we going out out on Laguna Beach tonight? Damn, look at that leg mommy. The tag’s still on, you better you better. My god. Are you guys hungry? I have a tiny piece of chocolate on the counter and that’s the only reason I’m getting up. Oh look who came up with all the travel tips this morning now that it’s past check out.

Is it really? What time is it? We’re just watching peoples stories. You didn’t catch me. You didn’t just catch me watching somebody’s story. You guys, check out was at No. You guys it’s pm. Bye. Yo, we found a place to go in Southern California. This little place called Inspiration Point. Ugly view, beautiful view. Look at my hair. Doesn’t it look beautiful? Hey Jo, can I see your shirt? Look at what just happened. I don’t know whose idea it was to not put a shirt on this morning. Just ran into a subscriber because people live here and that is mind blowing. All I’m saying is I’ma go in the water. Can you hold the camera. Oh my god. This really is so beautiful. I swear it want on for any of that. (waves crashing) I was just laughing because we’re over here not looking at our stuff that Masocko told us specifically told us to look at. And then Masocko like runs by. She’s the freakin winner. Hold on, sorry, it’s a very salty ocean. This is every moment that I want to be spending of my life is doing that. Get back in! Come on let’s drive around Take the top down fool around Come on let’s drive around Oh man, it’s time to leave Masocko. I’ll see you in like three hours. Where we going next? The Holiday Inn. Alright, that’s a wrap. The end of the road for visit. Yeah, make sure you comment below. Did I do it right, guys? Yeah just comment below. Comment below. Okay, buh bye. Bye. Muah. Are you taking your laptop? No I’m on vacation for hours. I woke and told housekeeping to go away. You literally hopped up like. I was going to go naked. I do want to go boogey boarding though, that might be fun. With like the one centimeter wave? I have a rock formations imprinted on my butt. We’re at another Red Robin and this is my favorite restaurant. You know what, okay. Actors of the year. I can’t even go out with them. Bye bye. So was it good? You have to get your own room.

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