Before we get this started I gotta start off with the intro. Paris s are my favorite to make because Paris is my favorite city. Misako, what’s your favorite city? Toronto You know your boy could go on and on and on about how much I love Paris even though I did make that one called eight plus things I hate about Paris, so let’s get this thing started back to La Fontaine de Belleville My communication skills are great this morning. Thank you This is Misako’s piece. Hit me with a joke! I can’t! That wasn’t even English. Okay, well I’m going to the most expensive restaurant in Paris then. Bybye These dumb buttons. Like who am I about to rob with these gloves. All of Paris, we’re about to have a heist! We gotta go, actually I don’t know where we go this curious people on planet Earth Are between the ages of and years old in Paris? He put the denim on the denim again Wait just stand there, it’s a pretty picture This is masako’s here cafe, you know You know they asked where do I drink a good cup of coffee you’re too often? Stop, but when is my friend Ben is working You thinking your thing because their tables with this Harper Do an argue Looks like we’re Parisian not being from Paris happens talk to him about the Paris turn up level People both then will they go buffs is Americana we got the number one bull right in front of the Most is somebody to degree in America Who wears white socks me We’ve not cheating on streets me, but somebody who’s like dumb, and you know how I got two hundred on You didn’t take the SAT.


I say they can take the ACD Lawrence, Martin, huh? I’m something you know the part pair searching. It goes like this Coffee I really could have another coffee and then a cappuccino espresso macchiato. They cram the soy milk You see, I don’t feel this way about American pharmacies like I’m not captivated by them, but in France for some reason I’m always in the pharmacy I Don’t know about no he’s like don’t freaking filming my first channel would be show This stuff is the truth and I stock up every time I’m in France gotta protect our face while we got one nespa hello Bonjour From that time I came and I sit in as I go like like this is a more than our trip I made my sock only Miss our hotel all of the Daymond Joe followers about our health care plan we have the same one I think once a year visit a doctor out in the desert for Computation they’re not even Really allowed to touch us it’s more Just like you talk to them and tell them what’s wrong right the traditional five Majella.

Okay, can we pay how much per month like? per Montford, you know nothing is great Hey, give me the shoulders Hey kill them what the show this I promise you if you ever feel like a key if you need my hangover cure Definitely get the power on Timon, so you might want to take one and also you need a hangover cure don’t hang out with me This is the fourth time I’ve tried coming to like a week, and it’s been closed every time This is what I can’t do. We’re not killing with the shoulders here. It is closed rd to the th of January Okay, meaning it opens the th of January. They should say the night that you anywhere the most beautiful city look at this bag Ah this whole damn city is cinematic When I drag Joe here she loves it, but she feels the way I feel about Paris what about Rome Like have to check to make sure no one is texting me Just to make sure you know I was reading a chapter in my other book another thing I do here I actually read in appearances, and it said the way to enjoy Paris is that sit back relax and have a glass of red wine Y’all knock over it people so do you live around here You’re like I live if you see that window, this is the first place I think it’s ironic that I live super close to like two years I Can’t wait to put sad music on that part Jen. Just goes yeah like I haven’t eaten Darian years like I would never order Though they do for you to Just say the words pshh a piece hedva, I can into a pea shape you’re gonna take medicine Paris is my medicine. I’m not gonna be that bad Really y’all asked um what I do all day in Paris.

I just eat all damn day. They got the dark chocolate rice cake baby That’s it the determiner Tuesdays Damon in number are you? Kidding me just close it right ii See if f me This is the via Paris a pretty accurate Paris I guess you have to watch our Instagram stories because I was here the other day. That’s it. Let’s go to the peep show oh Really really Really the boy who tried to believe can’t believe because there’s no believes You know why it didn’t work cuz I tried yeah, when you don’t try it in Paris. It works out. Maybe just like less effort Oh I wasn’t kidding when I saw eat non-stop in Paris. Okay, so it’s true. I’m Paris is number one glutton Y’all like checking out my bank account numbers in my glasses right now Oh, the only thing that was missing from today sitting with my laptop for about seven hours I’m editing these s the parents s are my favorite to film I freaking love this city to see is magic and I want you to comment below if you feel the same way about Paris some People aren’t aren’t fazed by this city make sure to subscribe to our channel if you want more travel s We make s three times a week, Nassau Beasley Babe don’t do that to me. You don’t want to be my boyfriend. I’ve asked you multiple times are you sure you’re another guy if you are then I’m getting out right now I Livers like please say ding so my guys like we must go my heart’s like tell them no.

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