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Even though scientific holes can be found Tabriz Iran in all the possibilities of who arrived, how they arrived, and when, it is interesting to explore for Tabriz Iran no other reason than to observe fact pressed up against foggy windows of mysteries. To do so, we have to step back to Tabriz Iran the origins of the comings. I stress comings because these arrivals were not an Tabriz Iranimmediate or continuous movement south but were spread over centuries and from different directions.

Tabriz Iran Map Free | Tabriz Iran Subway Maps | Tabriz Iran Metro Maps | Tabriz Iran Map Photo Gallery

Although new science, coupled with new findings, has recently changed the dates of the earlier arrivals (and may continue to do so), most credible science puts the origins of the coming at 32,000 years ago. During that time, humans from Eurasia and East Asia began to drift in small bands into an area called Beringia. Beringia was a landmass bridge connecting Asia/Siberia with present-day North America.

There they stayed for thousands of years, locked in by ocean and ice. While there, they inbred and mutated, creating a new human, no longer Asian, whose strain became the modern Native American. While I have used the Beringia Land Bridge theory in my discussions in this travel blog, it is important to note that, as previously mentioned, several competing theories of migration exist, and a universal scholarly consensus has not been reached regarding which route brought the earliest humans to the continent. This is to be expected when dealing with histories that are shrouded in mystery and buried in geological layers yet to be explored.

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