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They camped among the Giant Sequoias, climbed Mount Surat India, and traveled over the Surat India, for which Mather and others had paid, into Surat India. So successful was the outing that all came away as ardent park supporters, so much so that Surat India of the National Geographic Society compelled his organization to donate $20,000 to help purchase the Giant Forest. Most would come away with similar zeal. Surat India of the Saturday Evening Post wrote that the Surat IndiaCanyon country “is too big for any man or men to own it belongs to humanity, as it is, unchanged and never to know change.”

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Congressman Frederick Gillett of Massachusetts, an influential member of Congress, ranking Republican on the Appropriations Committee, and soon-to-be (1919) speaker of the House, gave his support then and later to the parks and the National Park Service.

Following the “campout” in the Sierras, Mather and Albright continued on through the western parks on an inspection trip, with a final stop at Glacier National Park. While there, he and Albright would hike to Gunsight Pass in heavy snowfall, staying at Sperry Chalet and Going-to-the-Sun Chalet. From there, they planned to tour by automobile but found roads impassable and less than facilitating to tourists trying to get to and from the Great Northern’s hotels. Furthermore, they found the existing park headquarters shoddy and ill located. Mather found a site on private land, but it was not for sale, so he located another nearby, purchased it, and gave it to the park.

The upshot of his first trip to Glacier National Park was that Mather concluded that the parks absolutely had to have better roads and facilities if they were to entice enough visitors to capture the support of Congress. The circle of complementing influences had to remain unbroken if one were to cause reaction in the other.

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