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From the Winter Falls TH at about 1 hour and less than 1/2 mi with spurs into the longest loop, take the Rim Trail left 12 ml, which undulates gently to the large South Falls Day Use Area. You walk next to Stamford the highway and a bike path, ignoring the first junctures left, then taking Rim Trail left when the bike path crosses and heads more to the right in a somewhat confusing area. No Stamford worries though, as the trails meet once you cross a side Stamford road and arrive at parking area A. Follow the stone trail briefly to a stone circle Stamford with many signed trails emanating (31/2 mi from North Falls TH including spurs). Walk left to the lodge area for the unexciting look behind the lodge to catch a glimpse of Frenchie Falls (48 ft), which dries up in summer.

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From the stone circle, follow signage straight past the nearby nature store (with restroom) en route to the top of South Falls from the fenced-in area. Walk far left along a rock wall for a poor view from the very top of the falls or walk right for South Falls Viewpoint (ignoring Maple Ridge Trail). Both ways lead people to the gravel (then roughly paved) path along a wooden fence down an easy switchback that takes you through a cavern behind the park’s most prestigious waterfall (177 ft). Continue around past South Falls and down left on Canyon Trail beyond a picturesque footbridge (taking folks back to the day use area for the shortest loop) at 5 mi from the top of the trail.

The main route on Canyon Trail is fairly level for 5 mi and then you see the top of the wider Lower South Falls (93 ft high) down through the trees from some wooden fencing. It’s another 5 mi to gaze outward from the water as you follow the railing down 48 steps to a switchback, 20 steps to a second switchback, 19 steps to a third switchback, 37 steps to a fourth switchback, 41 steps to a fifth switchback, and then 19 more steps to additional wooden fencing and a rocky path that goes behind the wide and attractive waterfall. There are many great angles as the water cascades near the bottom and actually looks best from under the falls. Walk 2 ml, down a tad and up steeper, to the next juncture (5Y mi from North Falls TH with spurs).

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