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Thank you to our friends at the Corinthia Hotel st. Petersburg for helping us make this episode we couldn’t have done it without their help. And support to book your stay at the incomparable Corinthian st. Petersburg easily one of the most luxurious hotels that I’ve ever stayed in click on the link in the show notes below or visit Corinthian comm for more information this is a city which to put it bluntly has seen some the former home of the czars in the center of Imperial Russian culture in its prime st. Petersburg was known as the Venice of the north but the th century was unbelievably cruel to the city bombed besieged. And starved during World War two st. Petersburg was neglected during the Soviet era. And large parts of it fell under the control of organized crime but as Russia began a new chapter in the s what was once Petrograd. And then Leningrad became st. Petersburg again. And the city wasted no time in returning to its former glory once again the most cosmopolitan city in the country st. Petersburg is the perfect ambassador for Russia’s past present.

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And future [Applause] [Applause] the beauties burger is served by Pulkovo Airport which is located about kilometres south served by a variety of regional. And international airports their company you know that serve the airports are becoming from the US you would have been transiting it’s a reasonably modern airport that some of the terminals are almost br. And new there’s two layers of security when you come into the airport you have to go through an initial screening. And then you have to go through a secondary screening after outbound integration. So leave not time as you cleared immigration. And I sincerely hope you had your visa in order grabbed her bags.

And her ready to go you have some choices to make there is no direct train or metro service to it from the airport but there are a number of buses. And is that’s your magic number because for the city bus ix. And the minibus service from this airport into st. Petersburg the minute journey will cost around forty five rubles alternatively uber is available from the airport. And will cost between five hundred. And nine hundred roubles depending on which part of the city you’re heading to taxis can be booked from the service booth in the arrival hall. And fares are fixed depending on the area of the city you’re traveling to but you’ll pay between.

And rubles including a booking fee we all have our favorite forms of transport every traveller days mine is the simple elegance of a mid-century metropolitan tram while Greg likes to float around cities on a chrome Segway however I’d like to submit for your consideration your new favorite former transport the st. Petersburg Metro where amongst all the cities I have ever visited is a Republican transport system a destination in. And of itself the second largest metro system in Russia the Saint Petersburg Metro is quite literally a work of art but this isn’t just a looker the system is efficient cheap. And functional. And a great way to get around the city any trip on the Metro regardless of the distance you’re travelling costs rubles you’ll get one of these nifty little brass tokens that you can slot into the turnstile.

And you’re on your way alternatively you can. And I recommend this get a trip pass for roubles you can grab one of the ticket machines in the station or for one of the ticket kiosks one final negative at the metro system due to the city’s unique geology it’s actually the deepest metro system in the world on average the stations are meters below the surface. And once you set aside the factor it makes there’s some long walks from turnstile to train. So plan for that they’re not kidding about the deepness we’re on taxis if I make in Russia every single car is a potential taxi flagging down a private vehicle paying for a ride somewhere it’s perfectly normal in Russia but I don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons firstly language while more people speak English than in any other city in Russia it’s still not universally adopted.

So you may be able to get a taxi but telling the person where you want to go that’s a different story the second thing of course is safety it’s never a good idea to get into a r. And om person’s car in any city in the world. So if you want to take a taxi take an official taxi but a couple of tips for that as well negotiate your fare before you begin your journey. And although it may go against everything we’ve ever told you in every other city that we’ve covered if a driver insists on using the meter find another driver always negotiate your fare before you start your journey perhaps a safer.

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