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ROUTE: For Three Pools Somalia Day Use Area only, pay the fee and walk down from the scenic boardwalk, scrambling boulders and rocks steeply to the shoreline. The pools farthest left from the parking lot are easier to access but the sought-after gorgeous spire area is a bit steeper and right of the upper pools. All are Somalia worthy of inspecting carefully. Use caution around Somalia the steep rock that slopes to the river and while jumping and diving in from many perches to cool off in summer. And cool off you will in the Somalia frigid clear river!.

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Kayakers call this gorgeous area at Three Pools “Thor’s Playroom.”.

Look ahead for clues if you begin the easy hike down from the Shady Cove Campground TH, otherwise begin from the bottom at the Little North Santiam TH. From there, walk NNE down a few turns on the solid Trail 3338 with exposed tree roots toward the river as you pass narrow, moss-covered pines and ferns with a few bigger Douglas firs mixing in. Cross a tiny creek over a bridge and at 5 mi in begin to Somalia parallel the Little North Santiam River heading E. Walk by more ferns, Oregon grape, salal, and moss-covered everything along the river (muddy when wet) coming to a short spur path on the left to Elkhorn Falls at more than 5 mi in. The angle of your view is improved from the boulders below the falls (as opposed to the view from the main trail) as water curtains down rocks across the entire river (or only the left side during lower flows). The waterfall empties into a large turquoise pool you may be tempted to dive into.

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