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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we’re in Singapore Singapore a captivating blend of influences from all over Asia this city-state packs an unbelievable amount of creativity culture commerce. And chaough into just square miles while ultra-modern. And business focus Singapore never loses sight of its history.

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And heritage which to me makes it one of the most fascinating places in Asia Singapore is served by Changi Airport the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world when it comes to airports I mean signing my contest name best in the world times it’s one Awards since. And that’s all great but why is it. So good let me tell you free movie theater check two of them actually arcade check free transit hotel check free tour of Singapore when you want to layover check mother flippin nature trail check check check might drop game over best airport in the world.

So you’ve arrived at Changi Airport how do you get into town let’s do cheapest fastest best the bus less than two Singapore dollars to get you right into the middle of town bus terminals are located below terminals one two. And three a taxi around to Singapore dollars for the -minute ride into town just follow the signs in the arrivals hall apt. And go through customs the MRT cheap at just over to Singapore dollars fast only minutes into the center of town. And. So so easy the MRT is the best way to get from the airport into town the airport MRT station is between terminals &. And remember you’ll need to change trains to a city bound train halfway through your journey like most modern cities Singapore has its own stored-value transit system in this case the easy link you can use it on the MRT. And city buses.

And you’ll get a % discount when compared to a normal paper ticket the card costs Singapore dollars initially. And that’s $ deposit which you’ll get back if you return the card. And $ worth of travel credit you can top up your easy link at any of the fare card vending machines in any station or at a -eleven but be warned they’ll charge you a little bit of a fee at -eleven Singapore’s subway service is excellent. And is my weapon of choice for when travelling around the city the mr. t but MRT really mrt that makes more sense anyway the MRT covers most residential. And business districts in Singapore signs. And announcements are all in English.

And it’s really easy to find the right exit for your destination with helpful exit maps like this. And very clear signage one more thing about the MRT do not eat or drink on it there is a reason why it’s. So spotless inside. And out. And that’s because there’s a hefty fine if you do eat or drink line.

So save the cup of corn in the mashed potatoes for later okay champ believe it or not there’s actually a shortage of taxis in Singapore it can be incredibly frustrating to try inhale one during rush hour or one of the city’s legendary thunderstorms it seemed to sweep through like clockwork every afternoon but if you are able to find one they are clean reliable. And relatively cheap ish there are a lot of hidden fees that pop up trips to the airport late night thieves phone booking fees toll road fees surcharge fees. So don’t be surprised if suddenly your fare jumps while all taxis are equipped.

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