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Required to accept credit card payments not all of them will be inclined to do. So every single time. So make sure that you ask before you get in you can use local taxi app grab taxi or you can use uber which also has a solid presence here. And while most taxi drivers will underst. And English it’s not a bad idea to get a name card of where you’re going just to avoid any confusion. And the hotels will be happy to provide this for you I know a lot of you are probably thinking we should just rename the show watch Alex eat things in r. And om places Oh but as I said in one of our earliest episodes food is such an important part of a city’s culture I think we owe it to everybody to spend a lot of time talking about the food. And drink in each city that we visit it would be rude not to also I love eating Singaporean food culture is legendary with a blend of influences from all over Asia Indian Malaysian middle-eastern. And Chinese dishes feel right at home next to local creations.

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And this communal kitchen has created some dishes. And dining experiences that are totally unique to Singapore nothing sums up that uniqueness quite like Singapore’s Hawker centers they’re dotted around the city. And they’re like a permanent food festival which is might be the greatest idea that I’ve ever heard the food is cheap the quality is unbelievably high. And the hygiene is strictly monitored by the government. So you ain’t going to get sick here unless you have a weak Constitution like Greg who got food poisoning at his own barbecue hawkers entrants are also the best place to get real down-home versions of classic Singaporean dishes like chicken rice arguably Singapore’s national dish it’s sick. And flavored with soy sauce. And sesame oil. And then served on a bed of fragrant rice that’s been cooked in chicken broth. And then flavored with ginger. And garlic.

And you also get this delightfully spicy sauce to go with it. So how do you figure out which of the many stalls at a hawker centre to eat at my advice find the one with the longest line. And join it there is no better endorsement than popularity. And once you’ve found that vendor that you want to eat at here’s how you order find a table. And leave one of your crew there. So you can claim it as your own now note that every table has a number to write yours down or remember it in that big noggin of yours before you go up to your first stall order whatever you me goodness takes your fancy have a seat. And your food will be brought to you but that said during busier times you’ll see a lot of the stalls have self-service signs up that means you just need to hang out.

And grab your food whenever it’s. So when you’ve eaten just about as much as you can. And you’ll know that by a wicked case of the meat sweats one of two things will happen if there are signs that say please return your trait be cool. And take it to one of the tray return stations if not it’s okay to leave the tray on the table when you leave four o’clock in the morning I’m in an airport but I am very excited to share this with you can you tell us more o’clock in the morning do I look sprightly. And fresh I don’t feel right the impression anyway for breakfast ditch the bacon.

And eggs when you’re in Singapore. And try the nasi lemak this is their absolute best breakfast offering. And not only is it beautiful look at that it’s a banana leaf but it’s also delicious it’s basically rice cooked in coconut milk it’s a little bit like huevos rancheros. And that everybody has their own interpretation of how you make it but generally it’s rice which is cooking coconut milk the kind villus which is just anchovies don’t let that put you off trust me it’s amazing cucumber cotton quite a lot of spice. So it’s got it’s got a kick. So it’s a spicy way to start your singapore day but it is absolutely delicious. And even though it’s four o’clock in the morning I am still absolutely excited to eat this the red stuff potent.

So take it easy fish with eyes cool um let’s go even though I don’t want anything I do want to eat this for some on-the-ground knowledge we asked our good friends over on the Singapore subreddit of reddit comm for some recommendations of things we should eat while we’re here. And holy cow what a response like I’ve never seen anything like it. So thank you guys not just for the quantity but the quality I mean there were some essays that wouldn’t have been out of place in magazines like sever or Lucky peach or any of the other alarming amounts of food pornography that I read but despite Singapore’s rich. And diverse food culture you want to know what the number one recommendation was I mean it wasn’t even a contest there wasn’t a single dissenting comment this the mixed spicy now I’ve been told this thing packs quite a punch in fact one redditor suggested that i should quote prepare my butthole well it is prepared let’s do it it looks just like a chicken s.

And wich but I I’m heeding the warning oh that went up my nose Greg oh yeah it’s delicious I want more polish I liked it I mean I need to go to hospital but I had the good burn Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world no matter how you measure it you won’t have any issues walking alone at night violent crime is almost unheard of. And the city is absolutely spotless but there’s a reason for that. And it’s worth talking about sinker boy has some strict laws that you should read up about before you come here it’s technically illegal to spit litter jaywalk eat or drink on public transport. And even sell chewing gum unless it’s for medical reasons now it doesn’t matter what you think about these laws because they are the law. So be cool otherwise you could get slapped with a hefty fine let’s talk Turkey Singapore uses the Singapore dollar often abbreviated as SGD when you see it next to a price there are a hundred cents in a dollar.

And coins range from five cents up to a dollar where know to take over at a two dollar bill. So here’s a neat little tidbit for you the Singapore dollar is pegged to the brew nine dollar. And both currencies can be used interchangeably in both countries. So don’t be surprised if you see a brunei note in your change from time to time singapore may seem expensive when compared to the rest of asia but on a global scale it’s actually pretty affordable let’s do the rundown cup of coffee or cost around five dollars find a bureau cost around six dollars. And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re gonna pay about $. speaking of coffee don’t forget to try the local version which is strong sugary.

And cost less than a buck at a hawker Center or at a coffee st. And tipping Singapore is a great city want to know why no tipping it’s actually frowned on by the government. So you don’t have to do it you don’t even have to think about it great city shopping is considered sport in Singapore. So if that’s your thing then you are in the right place luxury br. And s electronics clothes you name it Singapore has it in spades. And despite nearly everything being imported prices are still pretty competitive thanks to low taxes. And low import tariffs.

So that’s the attach that guide you Singapore if you’ve been here before. And feel like we’ve missed something or you live here. And feel like there’s that one thing that everybody who come here needs to know then leave it in the comments below oh. And don’t forget to subscribe because we have more amazing cities coming for you real soon but until next time good help oh god I needed that.

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