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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this life well traveled. And today we’re in Shanghai no matter how many times you’ve been to Shanghai no matter how well you speak M. And arin no matter how well you think you know this place you will always be an outsider since you’ve been gone Shanghai has advanced years for every year that you. And I have experienced the place that you left the last time you were here is nothing like the place you’ll return to.

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And that’s ok in fact that’s what makes Shanghai one of the most fascinating places on earth we want to thank our friends at Cathay Pacific who flew us to Shanghai via their home base of Hong Kong throughout this season we’re partnering with Cathay Pacific to help you discover a life well travel we’re about to l. And in Shanghai. So is probably a good time to talk about the airport it’s actually two major airports in Shanghai Shanghai Pudong our main international gateway. And Hong Chow which predominantly serves domestic flights I figure if you’re reading this you’re going to be coming into Shanghai Pudong the bigger of the two airports with more international destinations.

So that’s the one we’re going to focus on I’ve been to this Airport a lot. And actually kind of dig it sure it can be a little bit chaotic during the busy hours but what major International Airport is it it’s relatively easy to navigate nice big spacious. And open it’s miles east of the city. And there are a lot of options to get into South a tax thing is probably the easiest way to get in from the airport but it’s easily the most expensive as well a taxi from the airport to right here in People’s Square in the middle of Shanghai will take about an hour.

And cost you a hundred. And sixty-one there are taxi ranks outside terminal . And terminal . And avoid the couch that will approach you as you walk from the terminal to the taxi ranks just get in line take a real taxi you’ll be fine one other thing to note it’s rare for taxi drivers to speak English. So if you can get your destination written down in Chinese on a piece of paper or business card most hotels will be happy to provide this player line two of the Shanghai Metro was extended all the way out to the airport a few years ago.

And it costs just you want to get from the airport to People’s Square right here in the middle of Shanghai one thing you know it will take an hour at least to do that journey. So bear that in mind but two things to note if you’re going to take the metro from the airport it only runs from : a.m. to : p.m..

And you need to change a guanlin Road if you want to go further into Shanghai but by far my favorite option easily the coolest of all Airport transfer options in the entire world is Shanghai maglev train the Train uses magnetic levitation technology yesterday magnetic levitation to rocket along the rails at miles an hour. So that will get you from the airport to longyang road at the end of the line miles away in seven minutes in the run-up to the world expo the Shanghai public transport infrastructure was aggressively exp. And ed. And vastly improved.

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