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So you now have a city that’s cheap quick. And relatively easy to get around at the heart of this public transportation system is the Shanghai Metro a st century subway system that covers most of the Greater Shanghai area which makes it the largest network in the entire world by track length million people use its color-coded lines every single day it’s fast cheap air-conditioned which is amazing in these hot sticky summer months. And easy to use all the signs.

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And station announcements are in English as well as M. And arin there are different types of metro ticket you can get from the automated kiosks or from the ticket booth there’s single journey tickets like this one which will get you from point A to point B. And one in three day travel passes which will give you unlimited travel on the Metro fourth one in three days but if you’re going to be here for more than three days or plan on using other forms of transport it’s definitely worth getting one of these a Shanghai public transportation card or Jiaotong card it’s a stored value card that works on the maglev train the Metro ferries buses. And even taxis like most major cities the subways.

And trains in Shanghai usually but not entirely stop between midnight. And : a.m.. So be sure to plan accordingly. And find out the hours of the stations. And lines that you’re gonna need for your journey you need to get around between midnight. And : a.m. then taxi is really your only bet the good news is taxis are abundant in Shanghai they’re over fifty thous. And of them swarming the city. So one of the things that you’ll notice that we’ve learned too is that even with a green man that doesn’t mean that you’ve got safe passage across these busy busy streets buses.

And scooters the deadly electric silence scooter still come hurtling around the corner. So watch your back Google Maps our favorite travel tool has comprehensive coverage of Shanghai but live route planning is a little flaky because of how the internet works here in China if you have a VPN you’ll be fine if you’re an iPhone user Apple Maps works surprisingly well. And does not require a VPN for route planning it’s not nearly as good as Google Maps but it’s a lot better than it used to be. And frankly when you’re w. And ering around the city. And you’re looking for how to get from A to B it’s better than nothing one final thing on transport you have to have a passport with a valid Chinese visa to check into a hotel no passport no hotel room.

So I am. So excited that we have the opportunity to hang out with Kyle from untoward Food Tours that I’m drawer through drawers calm right fact you have been here for a while right in Shanghai yes I’ve been here for about seven years. And for about the last six years we’ve been helping tourists the next path to like really discover authentic local Shanghai food. So what does that mean what is authentic local Shanghai food. So I think authentic means different things to everybody but for us it means really supporting the mom-. And -pop shops that still make everything by h.

And there’s a they’re not in a mall they’re not a chain store they’re not places where necessarily you might stumble upon because. So much of Shanghai now is. So new that uh you know everywhere you go they’re building a mall. And a new high-rise. And. So it’s harder. And harder to find the little places where the old neighborhoods where these um mom pop cups can really survive unfortunately the city government really thinks that in order to modernize. And present their version of a civilized string height to the world that means cracking down on street vendors.

And people with push carts that are making a living selling their you know delicious hometown treats to people in Shanghai. And. So for us that’s really sad because sometimes those are really the best places where if you push those guys out you know you’re losing those culinary traditions. And. So it’s sad I mean you can still find pockets of it sometimes you know they’ll congregate somewhere. And the police won’t bother them for a little while but it’s hard to find them consistently now in a single spot when we go on these food walks we try to tell people you know give them a little bit of information about how to do it on their own as well.

So you can do little things like even at the pole in the wall places on the street where they’re there all the time I think it’s important still you can check their oil you can see you know their drugs of oil. And make sure it’s still clear. And hasn’t been reused it’s really not. So much of a problem in central Shanghai but it’s something to check you can look at their ingredients if you look at other locals that are buying food at these street food places you’ll uh you’ll see that they’re checking the ingredients. And looking. And poking around. And making sure that everything looks good. And you’re more than welcome to that people underst.

And when I think of Shanghai food culture it means delicious xiaolongbao or Sheng Jian Bao but Kyle had another trick up his sleeve Jang bin Jen ving is a really classic breakfast treat really else you can find it all over China but it’s more of a Sh. And ong Province specialty rendang promises a little bit north of sharing I’m it’s a millet grain mixture as a base that acts like the base of a almost like a CREP. And then she cracks an egg on it. So Fries an egg there was a little bit of green onions cilantro pickled mustard tubers for a little bit of a crunchy pickle a bit. And then a sweet soy bean paste. And a little bit of chili paste as well.

So it’s got everything it’s got salty sweet spicy crunchy all wrapped up. And like a little on-the-go breakfast treat you’re looking at. RMB. So about cents show at the she’ll you can afford a one or two a day I’ve been in the morning. So it’s great a lot of people will get these on the go you just grab one. And finish your way up. And go to work. So we’ve eaten our way across Shanghai thank you very much crowd if if people want to go on one of your tours. And eat even more than we just did how do they do it what’s the process yeah well you can find this obvious. And tripadvisor as well but we’ll go to on tour food tours calm we have tours all year round three hour or sampling food tours where you get a really sample as much stuff as you can we’ll leave you full we promise.

And give you a lot of information about where to find stuff on your own as well for the rest of your time fantastic yeah thank you very much pleasure appreciate it yeah the official currency of China is the renminbi often abbreviated as our envy but the base unit is do you want. And all the prices you see in China are given in yuan using this symbol or this symbol a lot of Chinese currency is in bill form even small change but you will still get one yuan coins like this one you want is technically a restricted currency but it’s still very easy to exchange most major currencies here but it can be quite a laborious process I’ve heard that it can take up to an hour to exchange currency in a bank but it really shouldn’t when you do it but you’ll need to bring your passport which they’ll photocopy. And there’s paperwork to God it’s kind of a pain my tip just use an ATM machine to get cash out they are everywhere they’ll have no problem accepting your overseas card.

And you’ll usually get a better exchange rate what weird thing about the ATMs here is that well they’ll often have the + maestro or Sirius logos on them they aren’t always connected to those network the only way you’ll find out is if you try kind of a life lesson there for us all Greg when you’re at an ATM getting cash get a little bit more because those chip. And pin devices that you’ll see in restaurants. And shops almost always won’t take MasterCard. And Visa. And forget about trying to use an American Express here in China it just won’t happen one last thing on ATMs if you’re using an ATM with a chip. And pin device in a shop.

And I asked you for six digits for your PIN but your PIN is only for here’s a trick put zero zero. And then your PIN in. So in Greg’s case it would be zero zero five five five we finish five I repeat five five five five I’m not the bargain destination at once well Shanghai is still very affordable on almost all fronts how affordable let’s do the rundown cup of coffee across you around you want find a beer will cost you actually funny story we’ve had beers ranging from less than a pound all the way up to eight pounds here in Shanghai Hotel the bars expat bars anywhere near the tourist areas are gonna pay six seven eight pounds for a beer but the street vendors we’ve had five hundred milliliter beers for less than one pound. So choose wisely. And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re gonna pay about eighteen yuan or about two dollars.

And sixty cents us tipping haters rejoice tipping is just not a thing here in China a lot like Japan tipping can actually cause embarrassment it’s done in the wrong way I’ve heard reports from friends who have left a couple of you want on the table as a tip being chased down by the waitstaff to give them back the money they left behind. So forget about tipping while you’re here in Shanghai it’s just not a thing one quick note on shopping because of China’s booming middle class the various free trade zones in Shanghai. And a bunch of other economic incentives Shanghai is a shopper’s paradise luxury good electronics Sporting Goods. And chickadees there is something for everyone here. And not only is bargaining acceptable it’s encouraged how it’s considered sport here but as a good traveler of course only bargain with the intention of actually buying something one final thing antiquities cannot be taken out of China anything made before cannot be taken out of the country do. So. And you could get in a lot of trouble. So don’t it’s easy to step off the plane in Shanghai.

And instantly be overwhelmed this is an intense City there’s no doubt about it but if you take a breath take a moment Shanghai is a city that around every corner will reward you with a new sight a new sound a new story like many great cities in the world Shanghai is of near perfect balance of past. And present but unlike anywhere else in the world in Shanghai you also get a glimpse of the future now my friends is the atashi guide to Shanghai if you’ve been here before.

And feel like we’ve forgotten something or you live in this great city. And the cicadas are coming to get you now my friends is the atashi guide to Shanghai if you’ve been here before if you’re likely forgotten something or you live in this incredible city. And think there’s something that every visitor here needs to know then leave it in the comments section below. And while you’re there take a moment to subscribe because we have some more incredible cities coming up in the rest of season thanks again to our friends at Cathay Pacific we couldn’t have done this episode without them do you have a tip to lead a life well-traveled leave it in the comments section below you.

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