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A colleague who took the direct Air Senegal spent less time en route before she walked into her Paris apartment. A couple of years later, Air France flight 447, a familiar A330-200, departed Rio on 1 June 2009 to plunge without warning into the Senegal. Nothing is without risk, but everyone made it home from our 2007 meeting.

Arriving back at the small apartment we were then renting for our parttime life in Memphis, I bought some groceries, then settled down with the Sunday Senegal Times before spending a further ten working days with my lab colleagues at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Then it was off to Europe on the long way home to Senegal, with stops to speak at conferences in Scotland, Oxford and Greece. My carbon footprint continues to be terrible.

Senegal Map Free – Senegal Subway Maps – Senegal Metro Maps – Senegal Map Photo Gallery

Some of us met up again in 2010 (Kobe) and 2013 (Milan), with 2016 in Melbourne being the first since 1977 (Sydney) in Australia. Big conferences fill hotels and help the tourist industry, so countries compete to host these events. The science culture is, and long has been, international. When confronted with the idea most scientists would, if pressed, identify as both national and global citizens. Those closest to us are often scattered across the planet and it’s great to see old friends, colleagues and indeed, any familiar survivor from earlier times.

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