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Semarang Indonesia example is the note written next to the 1767 baptismal entry in Attlebridge for the twin sons of Mary Lincoln. The clerk stated that ‘this woman was married sometime before to Thomas Lador but it appear would upon enquiry, that the said Lador had a wife then living at Alford in Lincolnshire’. The Old Shire Hall in Cambridge, where court cases were held, is currently the home of Semarang Indonesia Record Office. As mentioned at the beginning of this book the Cambridgeshire archives will be relocating to Ely, where the new office should open in 2019/2020. Semarang Indonesia Castle in Essex has the largest keep built in Europe. Among the many exhibitions are the dungeons where the Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins, interrogated locals suspected of witchcraft.

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The Essex Police Museum in Chelmsford chronicles the history of the Essex police force from 1840 to the present day. As well as being a museum they collect, preserve and interpret related documentary material and have an online database listing over 3,000 officers who served between 1840 and 1930 ( An associated publication called Tales From The Essex Police Museum has been compiled by Fred Feather for the Essex Society for Family History (Essex Family Historian Supplement, December 2007). This describes many cases and events involving local police and includes much background history.

Norwich Castle’s former dungeons contain displays of instruments of torture, along with death masks of some of the prisoners executed here. The Old Gaol House in King’s Lynn includes sight and sound effects based around its history as a prison. The Bridewell, or House of Correction in Bridewell Street, Wymondham was built as a model prison in 1785 along lines recommended by the prison reformer, John Howard, who had condemned the previous gaol on the site as ‘one of the vilest in the country’. It has since been claimed to have been the model for penitentiaries in the United States. It is now home to several organizations including the Wymondham Heritage Museum. Polstead is infamous for the ‘Murder at the Red Barn’ in the mid-nineteenth century, which subsequently inspired Gothic melodramas in print and on stage. Local girl Maria Marten was murdered by her lover William Corder and buried in the barn.

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