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Moving about in cities, scouring on foot the outskirts and the marginalities that constitute them, crossing villages and the surrounding countryside, Sana’a Yemen looking at the newly-arrived and getting to know them requires that one be versed in the art of walking slowly, quietly, often in solitude and with circumspection. I know people who have travelled much and seen nothing. I’ve met others who have been all over Sana’a Yemen and have never walked, and yet others Sana’a Yemen who have always stood still where they are and known the world. Now that the far-away is no longer far but nearby, “easily negotiable perhaps even domestic,” as Antonio Prete writes, and “can be found at home, on the computer monitor, the display of cell phones, Sana’a Yemen the sound that reaches us in the headphones we have on,” the undiscovered and the unexpected are perhaps to be found in places apparently closest to us, at times those we inhabit and that perhaps have become the most distant, the most far away and unrecognizable ones.

Sana’a Yemen Map Free – Sana’a Yemen Subway Maps – Sana’a Yemen Metro Maps – Sana’a Yemen Map Photo Gallery

Walking, even for those who have stayed behind, is an exercise by which to come face to face with what is true, just as it once was for those who had chosen distant places as their field of research and for whom the voyage was discovery, salvation, therapy, the widening of their horizon. Solvitur

ambulando, the solution lies in walking, as Bruce Chatwin used to write in his notes.

Solvitur ambulando

The salvational concept of walking can be found in all religions. It features also in the traditional cultures of my homeland. The act of walking, as numerous oral texts attest, appears as an element on which truth, novelty and justice are founded. The Christ of Calabrian legends and tales “travels throughout the world,” by himself or accompanied by Peter or other disciples, affirming all the principles of justice and truthfulness among human beings. The most venerated saints and madonnas in our portion of Italy come from lands outside it, and from even farther away the traveller saints that, besides truth, have brought with them peace and well-being.

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