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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we are in the city by the bay San Francisco California San Francisco one of the most iconic cities on the planet the city by the bay effortlessly blends its rich. And diverse history with its status as the home to some of the biggest companies in the world nestled on the Pacific coast San Francisco is a breathtakingly beautiful city. And one that I was proud to call my home for several years because I consider myself a Bay Area native I’m going to start the show with a little insider tip never ever call it Frisco we hate that the San Francisco Bay Area is served by three major airports San Francisco International otherwise known as SFO Oakl. And .

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And San Jose but to get into San Francisco itself SFO is by far your best bet. So that’s what we’re gonna focus on for the show today San Francisco International is a solid airport occasionally plagued by weather delays it is a functional. And efficient Airport with some great amenities now this might sound slightly contrary to conventional wisdom but I actually recommend that you get to San Francisco Airport early because it’s home to a number of rotating exhibits from some of the city’s top museums there’s also a fantastic Aviation Museum it’s a recreation of the original passenger terminal at SFO from the s SFO is also home to my beloved Virgin America an airline I helped launch back in the heady days of . And am therefore hugely biased towards.

So if you’re flying domestically in the US I strongly recommend them because all other airlines are terrible. So you’ve l. And ed at SFO which the cheapest fastest. And best way to get into San Francisco you’re going to put the sound effects in for that right yep cool all right let’s do it again. So you l. And ed at SFO what is the cheapest fastest. And best way to get into the city the bus Sam trans buses to San Francisco leave directly from the terminals. And costs just dollars to get you into the city uber lyft or a taxi has had a rush hour a taxi or on-dem. And car as the fastest way to get to San Francisco lyft or a taxi will cost between .

And dollars. And take around minutes uber has a fixed fee of $ remember a taxi driver will expect a tip of percent on top of your fare may not be the fastest at around minutes or the cheapest at nine dollars but the BART train is the right balance of speed versus cost the airport BART station is located in the International Terminal. And is well signposted throughout the airport San Francisco is a beautiful city. So you may be tempted to think I’m an inexperienced. And strapping outdoorsman I’ll conquer this city on foot. And that’s super duper but here’s a word of warning San Francisco is not always a walkable city here’s why. So what might look like an easy breezy jaunt on Google Maps is actually a class for death climb summited by only of the world’s elite Mountaineers.

So other than walking’s slash climbing how else do you get around San Francisco the public transport system here can be described as comprehensive but eclectic it’s a mishmash of trains subways buses taxis ferries. And light rail lake. And it’s actually one of the few things that locals complain about we actually ask them to describe the system in one word. And . And we got some interesting responses dirty suboptimal smelly barf clever nasty gross. And it’s a true the quick just like my mother-in-law that’s not one word but it it is creative but despite those less than glowing endorsements the system will get you from point A to point B quickly safely.

And cheaply Bart or Bay Area Rapid Transit is San Francisco’s aging but functional commuter rail. And subway service it has a single line through San Francisco with multiple stops from the airport to the financial district. And then on to other parts of the Bay Area fares vary depending on how far you’re traveling. And start at a dollar for a one stop journey a fun little fact about Bart is that the announcements are made by the evil robot villain from every sci-fi movie ten-car San Francisco mill great Raymond -minute Muni is San Francisco’s light rail. And subway system that connects the southern.

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