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Western neighborhoods of the city with downtown where you can transfer to Bart or Cal train both of which can take you to other parts of the Bay Area minutes to travel on Muni costs two dollars. And cents if you’re planning on using BART Nene or any of the other public transport options in San Francisco it’s worth getting one of these a clipper card the city’s stored value system San Francisco is home to Oberer. And lip. So you barely have to think about maybe considering seeing if there’s a car available before of them descend on you like a flock of pissed-off futuristic seagulls in San Francisco you also have uber pool which means you share your ride with someone going in the same direction as you it’s a great way to split the cost.

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And make a new best friend at the same time links to both apps are in the notes below. So after our little disagreement in Barcelona Greg. And I have resolved our differences about how many items we cover in each show Greg we did let it go San Francisco was built on multiculturalism an almost perfect blend of influence from Asia Europe Central America. And right here in the US has created one of the strongest food cultures in the world not to mention the fact that California produces nearly % of America’s food. So you’re almost always getting local or near local ingredients.

So if you’re hungry or dangerously under caffeinated like I am right now this is the place to be. So with an almost endless choice of amazing food where should you start. So for this food heavy episode of attaché we wanted to get some experts in. So we’re here with Kenji Lopez al aka the food lab of Sirius H comm. And also my personal food god to ask him if you could pick one thing to eat in San Francisco what would it be there’s one place I’m going to eat in San Francisco it’s at pals takeaway I found out about this place was I actually the friend who lives around the corner I mean it’s in the back of a liquor shop. So you know it’s not from the curbside you don’t really notice it right this is one of those places but you’re either gonna love or you’re gonna hate because it’s really wacky like he does crazy things on the s. And wiches but like everything is just.

So all this greens are just. So well sourced. And like I mean you’re gonna see it’s great he puts like things that you would never think should go together together. And then they end up really great you know he’s like sort of like the mayor of the neighborhood like he knows everybody he knows all the local cooks like they all loved him. So he gets he gets he gets different guys to make to make things specially for him. And then yeah. And then runs them as specials or gets guys to do guest s. And wiches. So really you’re giving away here fast. So this one is roast beef with this kind of blue cheese Mayo a slaw. And then. And a fried onions maybe an arugula I think this one is bacon semi hard-boiled eggs broccoli. And some other kind of Mayo – huh.

And after devouring two of the best s. And wiches I’ve ever had we were straight back out to see what other delicious treat San Francisco has to offer. So we asked the good people over on the san francisco subreddit of what should we eat. And why in san francisco. And before we could even press the submit button we were bombarded with the same answer burrito but surely you cover eat oh yeah but what about burrito. So let’s go get a burrito oh you’re probably eating like three days worth of calories here but at least you’re gonna get a workout while you’re eating this this thing weighs a ton if you’re not familiar with a burrito it’s a flower wrap filled with meat cheese rice vegetables about the size of a baby can they written that.

So what filling should you get in your burrito according to a recent BuzzFeed poll the most popular filling is carnitas which is slow-roasted pork which is then fried. And lard. And for those of you that just nearly drowned in your own drool I apologize but I endorsed that result because carnitas are my favorite too the west coast is also home to a burger. So good that people travel from all over the world just to smell it salty beef patties the West Coast is also home to a burger.

So good that people literally travel from all over the world just to try it fans of inner mount burger include Gordon Ramsay Anthony Bourdain Thomas Keller even the late great Julia Child. And it’s easy to see why I mean look at it Greg look at it. And while the menu may look simple there’s a complex web of greg up here buddy okay there’s a complex web of unpublished options available to the knowledgeable patron now you can google search these. And find all of the available concoctions but my favorite is the animal style double-double. And animal style fries.

And a diet coke because I’m reading my thing yes even though we’re in California we’re going to check out the local fair here at McDonald’s because frankly it would be rude not to behold the jalapeno double which I shall unveil before your very eyes I think it’s really just a cheeseburger with some cockroaches I’m it’s quite painful but terrible terrible whisky combined with hot sauce. And sadness I don’t recommend it I’m not even sure what these are they’re crunchy oh this just tastes like heartburn seriously that that is not that’s even worse than the thing we had in London the mecca pepperoni I got dark quickly. So we’re here with Internet superstar.

And facial-hair aficionado Stern at Galligan hided by the cream for services to beer. So who better to ask where you get the best beer I made up a long time yeah I think you did except the very enthusiastic beer store in San Francisco California it’s the best beer bar in all of San Francisco. And arguably Northern California. So we have three different beers that we’re trying what what are they why did you put do I picks them because while you’re in from Engl. And. So I got to show you off of good West Coast IPA. So we have a really good example of a solid single West Coast IPA from Altamont California or Altamont brewing this one is from alpha acid resulting from is it really Livermore California there you go it’s a great really they’re really killing it these days this one is from alpha acid which is a double IPA. And it’s just fantastic you should get that on the shot.

And then the last one has a little bit more of a story here in the Bay Area we have a new brewery that you really can’t even call it brew either called the rare barrel. And what they’re doing is they’re taking other breweries beers. And then giving them a really unique twist by making them sour Wow it is something if someone’s coming into town they have one beer to pick that was representative the West Coast Conference is. So that they could probably walk into welcome to cowboy well I would say we’ll give you two all right baby we’ll give you the extra special.

And we’ll give you the st. And ard said yeah the st. And ard would be Lagunitas IPA Burton Petaluma California in just a few miles north of here really nice IPA example but if I was coming into town I’ve only got a day to check stuff out I would go straight over to Toronado which is over in the Lower Haight neighborhood. And I would get a Russian River planning the elder but it only comes in shipments once a week. And only on Wednesdays. And by the time it’s six o’clock here they’re all home. So you really have to know in the guy that is good too as as part of these United States California uses the dollar right now the dollar converts for about seventy British pence or P one euro on the nose. And around a dollar thirty Australian check the show notes below for our favorite exchange rate tools.

So how much do things cost in San Francisco I’m glad you asked let’s do the rundown a cup of coffee will cost you around $ pint of beer Oh cost you around $. And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re gonna pay about four dollars. And ninety cents let’s talk cash money for a second one of the annoying things here is that ATMs. And cash points will charge you a fee every time you take money out that’s on top of whatever your bank that comb might be charging you for a transaction another small annoyance about money in the u.s.

is the rather antiquated payment systems in restaurants your bill is brought to you if you’re paying my card you put the card in the folder it’s taken away to be processed. And then two receipts are brought back one for you to keep one for you to add tip to. And then sign which the restaurant keeps it’s a lot of paperwork for a cheeseburger tipping now this seems to be our most controversial subject across the three shows that we’ve done. So far fierce. And bloody battles rage in the comments sections of YouTube reddit Twitter. And Facebook about the correct tipping protocol in the cities that we’ve covered. So far but the tipping culture in the u.s. is unique. And a critical component of the dining experience. So pay attention in almost all cases the good people that serve your food.

And drink are not paid the same minimum wage as other hourly workers in fact it’s a lot less because it’s assumed that the difference will be made up in tips agree with it or not think it’s a dumb policy or not it doesn’t matter that’s how it works here. So make sure you tip always a to percent tip is customary unless the experience was totally awful. And even if it was you should still tip just a little bit less why because often tips are pulled together.

And then divided amongst the whole crew cooks dishwashers Busboys not just waiters. And waitresses is there an instance where you wouldn’t tip at all it would need to be a really really bad experience like one of your friends literally died from eating the food or the waiter came up. And just punched you in the face if you’re mathematically challenged like I am here’s a little bit of advice when you’re trying to catch like the tips take a look at your bill on the bill will be the tax which is between eight. And a half. And nine.

And a half percent depending on where you are if you double that you’ll get a generous tip if you were pleased with a service. So that’s the attache guide to San Francisco I’m covered in. And out. And I’ve had a great time but if you think we’ve missed something in this wonderful city then leave it in the comments below. And while you’re there don’t forget to subscribe because we have some awesome cities coming up for you but until next time enjoy well get out of the shot Jesus Christ.

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