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Back on Trail 3338, at nearly 2 mi from Little San Bernardino TH, fork to the right away from the river up steep turns, then walk easier up and down some to a very brief spur path down to the river for a swim (1 mi in). See San Bernardino Mountain across the valley on the main route and move up 2 switchbacks steeper above a short, mossy cliff band. At almost 1/2 mi from this lower TH is a short spur to a poor look at San Bernardino the next falls area. The next immediate spur provides a better vantage point but is very steep; it forks with both short paths in the trees meeting quickly where you stop or scramble even steeper down to the river. From this point, you can see the mostly hidden San Bernardino Falls coming down Henline Creek to the river as well as the much smaller Little North Santiam Falls as they pour into beautiful pools.

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Shortly after this area, Trail 3338 becomes a bit rockier and turns uphill to the left; watch your footing while gazing down to the blue-green river. Walk past huge firs as the route steepens continuously up a switchback, turns, and a tight switchback to a rocky flat overlook (12 mi in). Then the trail eases San Bernardino but becomes overgrown somewhat as you move down a tad, up, and then down 2 switchbacks. The route turns rockier and steeper, but the trail becomes friendlier as you walk down another switchback to cross a tiny creek over another solid footbridge at about 2 mi from Little North Santiam TH.

Continue down steeper turns and switchbacks as the trail eases a bit past big, mossy boulders, ferns, and a few large Douglas fir closer to the river. At 1/2 mi from the lower TH is a short spur path left to a nice rocky beach near a wide, shallow section of river. Soon after is a log bridge leading into the lush forest followed by another footbridge over another small stream. Pass a nice camp (down to the left at 22 mi in) with river access, then walk the narrower and slightly overgrown trail along an easy section to a view of the colorful river.

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