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Hey guys this post is brought to you by our friends at audible. And if you go to slash attache that’s slash ATT ACH II you can get a free audiobook. And a -day free trial ask a friend family member or co-worker for their travel bucket list. And you will I have no doubt see Rome pretty close to the top the Eternal City has held the fascination dare I say obsession of the traveling public for generations eager to experience the Rome of Fellini.

And Rosselini of Roman Holiday. And three coins in a fountain. And frankly who can blame them [Applause] pound-for-pound Rome has more Historic L. And marks on iconic treasures than just about anywhere else on earth but as spectacular as they might be don’t let Rome fool you into thinking that’s all it has to offer dig a little deeper w. And er a little further. And you’ll see why Rome has been the inspiration for artists poets. And travelers for millennia the fourth biggest city in Europe by population Rome like many other European capitals has a tightly packed historic center surrounded by increasingly modern urban.

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And suburban sprawl now despite being cleft in twain by the river Tiber. And containing an entirely separate city-state within its limits Rome is surprisingly compact. And more than accessible Rome’s transport infrastructures have the opportunity to percolate. And progress in one form or another for over , years. And while we may have issued horse.

And chariot for train. And tram Rome’s transport remains comprehensive. And very easy to use that includes airports as well compared to some of its Italian. And European counterparts Rome’s airports both free Machino to the southwest.

And champion o to the southeast are efficient. And well-connected Fiumicino the larger of the two airports is one of Europe’s busiest it primarily h. And les intercontinental. And premium traffic as also the home to Italy’s flag-carrier al Italia well the airport was built in the s most of the terminals are either new or recently refurbished. So it’s a pretty solid airport experience.

And it’s wonderfully easy to get them from a Tino Airport into the center of Rome the Leonardo express train service runs from the airport railway station which is in the center of the airport complex to Rome termini station. And it takes just minutes to get there they leave every minutes. And only costs euros for their journey one way quick tip. And you’ll run into this a lot in Rome be sure to validate your ticket before you get on the train at one of the little green boxes that’s right at the end of the platform lest you get slapped with a hefty fine by one of the ticket inspectors Rome’s other Airport gem you know h. And les primarily low-cost airline.

And is much closer to Rome city center the best way to get into town is to jump on a bus either to Ciampino train station for services to Rome Germany or to the nearby Anna Gina metro stop one final Airport tidbit both airports have fixed taxi fares for journeys into central Rome which is defined by anywhere within the hour Elian walls euros from finucci no euros from Ciampino taxi ranks are located outside the arrivals area at both airports but enough boring airport stuff let’s get you prepped for your room. And holiday hit it Roman holiday but like the film but an actual Roman holiday you get Greg you get it Rome has a comprehensive. And convenient transport system trains trams Metro. And buses a single one year of ticket is valid for a hundred minutes. And allows you to change between trams buses or in.

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