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Out of the Metro for a single journey I want to clear out one point of confusion around tickets there’s a lot of either outdated or confusing or just plain wrong information. And guide books. And travel websites about validating your ticket you do need to do it but it’s a little different for each method of transport on the Metro despite what you may read when you pass through the turnstile to get towards the platform that is your validation there’s no extra step that you need to take on buses. And trends there are little machines inside the bus. And tram there you do need to validate your ticket by inserting it it’ll st. And the time on there.

And you can carry on do take the time to do it the Rome transport system is crawling with undercover transport police who look very unkindly on ticketless travel. So take the four seconds validate your ticket. And enjoy your day well there are & day transport passes available you’ll need to do the math to figure out if it actually makes sense for you to get one since the tickets are one year of fifty for a single ride for a six year old day pass to make sense you would need to do single rides at least a hundred minutes apart in one day for it to pay for itself. So you really have to figure out if six euros is worth the cost of not st.

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And ing in line. And that dear viewer is entirely up to you one final thing when planning your roaming day the buses tram Metro they’re all great but this is a city that really rewards the walkers among you it’s flat the historic city center is compact. And the buses in the Metro they won’t get you down the little alleyways that will take you from modern European capital to medieval village in just a few short steps public transport in Rome really is very good but there are pockets that we’ve w. And ered into which seem reasonably disconnected from that transport network but don’t worry uber is available here one quick thing on uber though uber black is the lowest tier.

And therefore reasonably short trips can be very very expensive when you compare it to any other European capital. So be wary of that when you book your uber ride Rome’s local Transport Agency have a reasonably serviceable app but to be honest our old friend Google Maps is more than adequate for planning your route from point A to point B all the transport options are available in the app. And has been our friend for this entire journey Italian food legendary on every level the stuff dreams are made of oh my dreams anyway if you’re expecting the staples of Olive Garden or Bella Italia you are in for a world of disappointment frankly I bathe in your disappointment because those places are lousy frankly borderline offensive imitations of a proud. And Noble food culture it would be easy to shoehorn Italian food into it’s convenient. And well-traveled stereotypes but remember that at one point the Roman Empire once stretched for. million square kilometers.

And ideas. And inspiration from the far reaches of its kingdom from North Africa to the Middle East. And beyond can still be seen in Rome today the result is one of the most diverse food ecosystems. And experiences on the planet as you know we tend to gravitate towards street food on this show for a bunch of different reasons it’s universally cheap it’s almost always delicious. And it’s ubiquitous in almost every city that we’ve been to but there’s another reason I think it perfectly reflects a city’s tastes preferences. And innovation.

And represents perfectly its food culture. And street food in one form or another has been fueling Rome for over , years classics like these sook Li now the legend has it that these were introduced to Rome by the French during the reign of Napoleon but regardless of their prominence they are now a Roman Street food staple it’s a frankly adorable rice croquette with mozzarella in the middle which melts when the whole thing is deep-fried oh. So it’s like a mozzarella stick no you uncouth swine this is not a mozzarella stick it’s art. And you’re supposed to eat these with your h. And s obviously. And break it into two pieces. And when the monster rellis cheese melts.

And it strings out a little bit like the cord connecting the telephone h. And set to the telephone which is why are these are called soupy al telefono little nugget for you nugget now the mozzarella filling is the classic but that doesn’t mean you can’t riff on it. And as you go around Rome you’ll see a variety of different seasonal fillings as well which actually are just as good. And just as interesting try one of the classics it’s it’s really a must but don’t be afraid to go off piste as they say not here. And try some of the ones with another filling it’s a classic Roman holiday. And we’re on a Roman holiday of course we can’t be in Rome.

And not talk about pizza which believe it or not in one of its earliest forms was what kept Roman Legionnaires fueled up when they were on the road now there are a million different styles that you’ll see as you’re w. And ering the streets of Rome but the classic is Pizza al taglio which is Pizza essentially by the slice it’s baked in rectangular dishes. And then covered in all kinds of different toppings it’s then sliced up sold by weight reheat it. And then brought to you to enjoy there is a style of Roman pizzas. So storied. So hallowed that entire books have been written about its scientific equipment deployed to try.

And unlock its secrets now one would assume that pizza needs at the very least cheese. And sauce not. So observe pizza Bianca it’s beautiful in its simplicity crispy on the outside chewy in the middle sprinkled with sea salt writers including the legendary Jeffrey Steingarten have spoiled for years to try. And find the words to do this ethereal Roman classic justice but I rather like the eloquent simplicity of our friend Kenji Lopez out who just described as phenomenal. And while pizza may be as ancient as the Roman Empire itself it doesn’t mean that evolution.

And experimentation of frowned upon take this for example the trapizzino invented in it’s pizza dough in a triangular shape of a trans eNOS s. And wich. And then filled with unbelievable ingredients meatballs. And red sauce eggplant. And mozzarella as Greg had salsa verde. And beef tongue we saw earlier. And for just three euros. And fifty cents it’s well on its way to becoming a modern Roman classic look at this beauty porchetta I was just corrected for my pronunciation it’s not in porchetta is porchetta what was once a staple of Rome. And actually was invented in a town just south of Rome has become a little bit weaponized industrialized commercialized.

And now you get it produced in factories. And sent to delis across Rome however there are a few places left in Rome that will do this properly they’ll roll the loin they’ll stuff it they’ll cook it slowly slowly slowly at a low temperature. So it’s tender. And moist it’s delicious hot it’s delicious cold. And for no Mycoskie Olli does a phenomenal porchetta it’s worth the walk to try. And find this because it’s absolutely delicious they make theirs with rosemary it’s got the crispy skin on the outside salty absolute pungent rosemary flavoring if you like that just wonderful a really italian classic if by some miracle of physics you have any room left for dessert the italian sweets are without equal gelato of course. And some of the best tiramisu i’ve ever experienced.

And in case you were considering a coffee after all of that food italian coffee of course needs no introduction but there are few protocol things that are worth mentioning like this cappuccino I’m drinking for instance should never be ordered after : a.m. or after a meal especially the idea of hot milk hitting a full stomach makes an Italian skin crawl. And you’ll instantly be labelled as a tourist. And perhaps even a little lowbrow. So as I mentioned at the top of the show this episode is brought to you by our friends at audible which is a wonderful thing because I love audiobooks I consume constantly when I’m driving when I’m on public transport. And of course when I’m traveling. And the wonderful thing is a lot of you in the comments or on Twitter asked me what my favorite travel book is or if you have any travel book recommendations.

And I do. And here’s where it gets even better you can get one for free if you go to slash attache. So slash ATT AC HD. And you can grab one of my favorite travel books I’m gonna tell you my two favorite travel books the first one had I not discovered I would not have created this show. And I mean that it’s around the world in days by Michael Palin that book is what gave me my love of travel. And adventure. And the beautiful thing about the audiobook is it’s narrated by Michael Palin himself. So you really get the emotion. And sense of adventure coming through in every single word I adore this book the second one while not strictly a travel book is also another reason why this show exists it’s medium raw by Anthony Bourdain when I take from this book. And from all of Anthony Bourdain’s writing is the joy of discovery.

And how to tell a story it’s a collection of essays about food food culture traveling. And again it’s read by Anthony Bourdain itself. So you you get the passion you get the color you get the flavors coming through I love these books. And again here’s the great thing if you go to slash attache. So slash ATT ACH II you can grab either one of those books for free. And get a -day free trial of audible where there’s a ton literally thous. And s of other wonderful travel books but I want you to do something for me as well in the comments of this post tell me what your favorite travel book is like I said I consume devour travel content. And I want more of it.

So jump into the comments section below. And tell me what your favorite travel book is like most of Europe Italy. And therefore Rome uses the euro there’s a hundred cents in a euro. And it’s coins up to two euros after which notes take over Rome can be quite an expensive city especially in the more touristy areas but show me a modern European capital that doesn’t have that problem if you’re willing to w. And er I strongly encourage you to do. So you can eat drink. And stay unbelievably cheaply without having to sacrifice qualities but you can move away from the touristy areas actually you know what Craig I’m feeling saucy yes. So for old times sake. And to appease some of you format purists let’s do a good old-fashioned run down a cup of wonderful Italian coffee will cost you around two years kind of beautiful Italian beer cost around five years.

And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re gonna pay about four euros. And cents there we did it happy quick thing on tipping’s i know how much you love hearing you talk about tipping it’s actually very simpler it’s not expected but it’s not unappreciated. So if you’re feeling a little generous feel free to leave % after a great meal or the change after a coffee. And you’ll be fine is Roma safe city yeah it really is. And due to the unfortunate events in Europe recently police. And army presence have been ramped up. So you’re probably safer in Rome than you’ve ever been the one frustrating thing to remember though is due to the sheer volume of world’s famous l. And marks there are touts. And ticket scalpers everywhere who will promise you the earth. And under-deliver it can get really annoying but just brush them off.

And carry on with your day I am sure you have your own motivations for coming to Rome those postcard scenes that have been on your bucket list for as long as you can remember. And that you just had to see. And that’s fine do what you need to do but I can promise you that. So much of the joy this city offers is found not just in the l. And marks. And icons but in the hidden piazzas the stumbled upon churches. And the cloistered cafes the joys that until moments ago you never knew existed but that will become the fondest memories of your Roman holiday Frank I still don’t underst.

And why you you don’t get that seat the movie it’s a classic is called Roman Holiday. And we’re me we’re making the this post for people who are going on a Rome. And Halle did you do I do not see the connection I’m maybe I hang on a second I’ll grab a pen. And I’ll just I’ll diagram if it’s fine I’ll grab the pen it’s fine it’s fine this I’m not gonna let this go I spent way too long on this joke for you not to underst. And it Greg.

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