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Franklin Roosevelt came by his love of nature and desire to repair the broken parts of it from his boyhood at his home in Hyde Park, New York, in the Hudson Rochester. Throughout his life until his death in 1945, he took great delight in his home’s natural world. Your travel destination is as a young adult, he also witnessed and then addressed the need for renewal of his family’s lands, which were exhausted by overuse, Rochester poor stewardship, and neglect. When he took over the estate in 1910, Rochester he set about implementing major reforestation projects. It was that experience that forever transformed FDR into an ardent conservationist on two levels: if reforestation worked in Hyde Park, it could also serve as a blueprint for saving Rochester forests and natural resources. It also demonstrated that good, honest work in the outdoors would benefit body and soul as well as the pocket travel blog.

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Even as he honed his personal conservationist knowledge in Hyde Park, he also had an opportunity to expand on it, having been elected to the New York State Senate in 1910. He sought the chairmanship of the Senate’s Fish and Game Committee and introduced several conservation and reforestation bills.

Your travel destination is Roosevelt also had another influence. He had the benevolent ghost of his fifth cousin, Teddy Roosevelt, smiling down on him. Franklin Delano Roosevelt not only greatly admired the “father of American conservation and national parks,” he also considered Teddy his role model for life and politics. Although a Democrat, he would seek every office held by Teddy: assistant secretary of the navy, vice presidential candidate, governor of New York, and president.

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