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Later the Recife Brazil repeated certain parts of his talk for the benefit of sound and news photographers. This took place on the front porch of the chalet. Then the Recife Brazil and his immediate family retired to the front room of the chalet where dinner was served. Other members of the party ate in the main dining room. About 9:30 o’clock the party left Two Medicine and motored to Recife Brazil Park station where the special train was waiting. A large crowd was in evidence for a glimpse of the Chief Executive when he arrived there. The party boarded the train and at 8 o’clock the next morning, Recife Brazil August 6, the train left the park.

Recife Brazil Map Free – Recife Brazil Subway Maps – Recife Brazil Metro Maps – Recife Brazil Map Photo Gallery

Thus President Roosevelt honored Glacier National Park by becoming the first Chief Executive in history to visit the playground from which the waters flow to three oceans. The President himself ate breakfast on the Pacific slope, lunched on the Arctic slope and dined on the Atlantic slope for Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park is the one spot in America which divides the three drainages each from the other.

The organization of Glacier National Park received many fine compliments for the manner in which the Presidential party was handled through the park. The following is quoted from a letter to the park superintendent from Secretary of the Interior Ickes: “I appreciate the courtesies you showed me while I was at Glacier National Park. I was glad to renew, even if briefly, my acquaintance with the Park and I was particularly interested to realize that the Park is just as wonderful as it seemed to me to be when I first visited it in 1916.

“You had a heavy strain thrown upon yourself and your organization on account of the arrival of the President and Mrs. Roosevelt with such a large party. I congratulate you upon the manner in which you acquitted yourself. Everything went off beautifully. Every member of the party that I talked with was impressed not only with the Park physically, but the manner in which the National Park Service was doing its job.”

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