Give me five seconds Now I’m like this Five more seconds Bring mine as well Bring mine as well! And then he asks why he has no voice As I was saying. Give me mine This is such a rough life You guys This life is hard! I mean, for real. Where’s my luxury flip flops? Throw it to me Look at this He’s having a hard life right now Am I supposed to walk around London wearing this? Do you know why you lost your voice? Because I was. Jogando o Bum bum tam tam Twerking my Bum bum tam tam The first problem of long-term travel No it’s not “a longo termo” Hold up, my aunt Claudia answered me It would be best to say “The struggles of traveling for a long time” Thanks aunt Claudia! The first problem of travelling like long-term For a long time This How dirty, right? Today I was cold on my feet I didn’t have any clean socks So I took the dirty one anyway You stay dirty And then you put perfume on it That you got from a magazine A free sample perfume You spray a little bit and you’re ready What did I do today? Exactly what I said I did it in Zara Yesterday For real Ah, Jo! Yes? Do you. Have a relationship? How funny! Like. A relationship with this travel life All the time I do! Yes guys, I do.


I do Yes I do And I used to It’s so damn hard Let’s talk about the time, the time difference. Ok. Timezone is not a friend You’ll want to share your lifestyle You want to show everything that’s happening And then you end up living more on your cell phone than living the moment. As if it were not enough Like, working on the internet Everything on the screen And even more when your boyfriend or girlfriend is not there You have to talk more with the screen Who’s going to talk like Sweetheart Cute things When we are like this Ready to go to sleep Jo? There are two beds Look at this Look at these “Two beds” The distance Last night she was chatting on Facetime She was here like, eating Oh, yeah! My skin Is not that bad right now Drinking different waters Doesn’t even eat fruits and vegetables What’s vegetables? That’s not a thing when you’re travelling It’s just bread and cheese Legume? (Vegetables) Vegetables I know it meant vegetables, that was part of the joke You lose your wellness routine How many times did we go to the gym? You me A hundred times Not once Everything we’re talking about sounds like first world problems, yes. Yes It is first world problems And like You clicked on a called the struggles of long-term travelling Like, that’s it! What were you expecting? CRAZY You guys, I’ve been sick all month She bought this, dollars It doesn’t even work.

No This one, dollars I need propolis. But this doesn’t exist out of Brazil Every country you go they have a new medicine Ok, “Throat medicine that doesn’t work” Does this looks like there’s something clean? Who’s doing laundry? How many times am I wearing this shirt until I can’t wear it anymore I asked my sister Sister, I’m in Morocco do you need something? And I was expecting her to say “Not really, sister” “I only hope that you come back healthy and happy ” Do you know what she said? A instrument! Right, I’m fitting a tambour on my suitcase Are you carrying this suitcase? It’s already the fifth flight we’ll have to get tomorrow Like, the fifth! How do you get on the plane Check-in Get on the plane Get off the plane Pick up your check-in bag Then walk with her to the hotel With an instrument? I can’t Then you come home with nothing to give to your family Nothing to give to your boyfriend, girlfriend, anyone They’re going to think you are a bit selfish And that’s not what it is The situation here is that I will not be able to carry the suitcase full of gifts to everyone Hair products, shampoo and all These are the things you’ll not have in the hostels, that you need to bring with you Nos AirBnb’s You have to bring And you have to bring And like Liquids, leave in the bag Can you smell it? Do you want me to “kill”? Morre (Die), no. I do want to kill you, but that’s not it It smells good This is mosquito repellent Why? You are touching me In areas that I don’t want you to touch me!

Do you guys have like. Dogs, cats Anything like that? Because we don’t! And when we travel. What am I supposed to do? Rent a dog for a day? I want to rent a puppy! Federico’s Luke Luke! Come with me! Just for the day, because I can’t take it Yeah I can’t You’ll meet nice people Super cool But the sad part is that you’ll always say goodbye You’ll always have to get out of the situation Bye, I don’t know when I’m seeing you again And your friends, the people you meet never. They never cross paths They’ll never be in the same situation Let’s make a scene Ok Jo, I’m going to the bathroom ok? Ok, are you going to pee? Play some music Poop? Play a song, obviously. Hey Jo, can you understand me? I’m listening my friend! Can you understand everything? I’m listening These were the reasons The struggles Of a long-term trip And Of being a Travel Youtuber Yeah, of being a Travel ger This is our life Our life is. This is a really cool life everybody So cool I wouldn’t change my life for nothing Maybe I would get a better shoe Yeah This hurts ok? Why did you get it? Because it’s very stylish That’s me Stylish and painful “Estupidoso” (Dumb) Comment down below other struggles of travelling for a long time And until next time Until next Big Sunday, huh!? Perhaps with less sore feet And with new socks Like, I take two things off the suitcase Da mala (Suitcase) And suddenly it’s like this Yes, I’m a little crazy I know everybody, alright ALRIGHT! Who you callin’ crazy? Do you remember That hostel that the bathroom door didn’t close? You’re only eating sauce Usually, yes I’m going to pretend at the airport that my voice is like this Because I’m a “cantador” “Cantor” (singer) How come you have problems when you are in a hotel It’s okay if you can enjoy all of this We’re only here to record And don’t even have time to enjoy cool stuff So, who enjoys it? The lovers, friends That we don’t have The lovers, the friends. I don’t have that We don’t! Because we don’t have time to have it.

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