We could be a Sertanejo’s duo! Damon and Jo I don’t think so My love for you does not exist Does not exist I don’t even know if I’ve ever listened to Sertanejo? Yes! There was that little guy, he was so northeastern and you did not understand anything Yeah! Damon be like: And the guy was like: I understood everything Today we are going to Today we are going to make a about Sertanejo music Sertanejo music is not really like Country But is really similar I don’t like Country You’ll like it and i also don’t. I’m going to show you You will not like it either? like Sertanejo We are going to show her how good is Sertanejo He doesn’t even know what is Sertanejo He’s going to show you american Country songs I used to come home late and not a minute too soon Barking like a dog, howling at the moon Girl you ain’t much fun since I quit drinking You ain’t much fun since I quit drinking Like, now you’re lot much fun since i quit drinking What a beautiful song!


The last song that you might like it Or maybe not She’s a good bass fisher a dynamite kisser.and look who’s looking at me I didn’t enjoy any of that. We are starting today our reactions to the most popular Sertanejo songs in Brazil We asked on Twitter what are the most popular songs and you guys answered. The following: I just came here to apologize It’s not going to take long I’m not going to try to be friends. I know that’s not going to work What a voice! Who said this is similar to Country? There are no similarities The Sertanejo that i know of was something like this: Like. A wild imagination, a college education add it all up It’s a deadly combination That’s the Sertanejo that I remember Wow, you guys! Let’s dance! Why is this not popular anymore? I know why I came here to end with this. That’s like Samba.little clubbing life of yours I like that! You are going to date me Trust me Help us in the comment section! Like, which songs? I think this song is Sertanejo But, but. Ok. Let’s. I don’t know Wait a second Let’s talk about the love topic You’re like, slowly. Together with your date I think that’s why Brazilian people like that Three people in bed? liked it Why have i seen three people? You’re seen things Look at my face The white sand became our bed I do want to be in your bed How to dance to this?

I’ll do it like this We need a “batuque” But that’s not the case! People will get angry if I say that, but I’ll say it It’s that background song type of song I want to play with the pillow like that! I’m taking my shirt off later That’s brazilian love like? I want brazilian love me too! Not with you though Me neither I’m not brazilian good thing you know Why is it always a duo? I’m already remembering us making love together There’s emotion in her voice My heart can’t take it I like her clothes as well You take me apart this way each drink drops in the account and the increases on the bill It’s like, you can actually maybe dance to it Next: Matheus e Kauan because. Because everyone is a duo A rosa e o beija-flor (The rose and the hummingbird) And when you cry missing me When you’re in the concert, live Matheus e Kauan Nosso Santo Bateu (Our saint matched hit together) Maybe they hit the drums as well in that fulfil let’s go! Our saint matched It’s a bit reggae-like Sertanejo changed style.

Now it has like a pop tune to it Or is this just, like. Our American research Our weird american mentality I’m enjoying this one Because I like it when the honey is good touching my whole body It’s so sexy Your fingers running through my hair Throw your hands in the air everybody! I thought you were leaving That’s not the batuque(beat) that i was expecting! Throw in the air! Throw your hands in the air everybody! I wish it had fire! But there’s no fire in the song Simone, liked it. We don’t know if these are the songs that you guys like We are not in Brazil, we are not brazilians I am half. Actually, I am But I’m not. We need you guys Careful, your finger! I need medical attention Subscribe everybody! We want to. get a million We are fighting to achieve a million subscribers and the brazilians are the most involved the coolest Yeah they share. You guys know that you’re great Thank you everybody! See you in the next In the Big Brazilian Sunday See you later! We forgot to tell you! We are starting to make “Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday” How do you say? Damon and Jo’s Brazilian Big Sunday! to brazilian people Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday To Brazilian People! Every sunday, in your house So, you’ll have a in portuguese every sunday, in your house Because we like you and you guys “we like” Bye! Bye guys! I would like to know what she’s saying But I don’t understand Just like you guys don’t understand me What? Do you understand me? There’s trash in there, you guys! Hide the trash We’re Youtubers but we still got a trash Sandy and Junior! Why don’t we play Sandy and Junior? That’s not Country. It Isn’t You guys, why.

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