For god sake, is there a fan in this house? Yes Don’t you rip those pants. You already did it once before I don’t want to rip my jeans! Fan! Fan Fan-an-an-an-an-an Is it like this? Welcome! To the Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday We don’t even know if should we use “do” or “de” I think it is “do Damon” but when it’s Damon and Jo we should use “de Damon and Jo” i don’t know “dos Damon and Jo”? We don’t know. You guys, welcome to our Big Sunday Fan-an-an-an-an-an I can’t do that It hurts Fan-pain pain pain pain pain (Ventila-dói) It has nothing to do with it You guys Last sunday we talked about. Sertanejo! Producers, play the clip We could be a Sertanejo’s duo! Damon and Jo I don’t think so My love for you does not exist But this time we are reacting to something you guys asked for several times Pabllo Vittar! I have a little story to tell about this A personal story When I was in Brazil’s Carnival We went to Brazil But he got there before me I was there, on the top of the truck. Next to Pabllo Vittar First thing: No one was dancing until Pabllo’s arrival Is that really? She got on the truck, did this you guys To twerk twerk-erk-erk Everybody went crazy Blonde?

REAGINDO A PABLLO VITTAR Todo Dia Sua Cara Photo Gallery

Everyone went blonde! Blonde and crazy! Fan-an-an-an-an-an She crazy Pabllo Vittar is one of the most followed Drag Queens on Instagram worldwide At first sight she’s wonderful, beautiful and has a better body than a lot of women not your body First : Todo dia (Everyday) This is not the music Is that the ? The real one? I don’t think so Wait a second you guys Internet and search problems The producers didn’t do their job You don’t do your job How do you want me to do our job in front of the camera when you are not doing your job properly? Shut it boy That’s it! Found it! Yes Pabllo!.I’m everyday Look how beautiful She did this on the truck! Licking her teeth It was like this Whats is she saying? I’m not listening, I’m just watching “Todo dia” I understand that But what is she saying before that? I think she says “I don’t wait the Carnival to arrive to be a bitch” Let’s google that I don’t know if we are supposed to do that Are you proud of me now that I can speak portuguese quickly?

She hates me (Me “Odia”) Odeia!.down the hill of my heart you said “then” I said my love You know my life is troubled.monday I’m beautiful, wednesday I’m grey Revive!.I’m everyday, I’m everyday No no no no, stop Let’s dance. We are Damon and Jo That’s why your cellphone is all broken No its not Next song! “Sua cara” featuring Anitta and Pabllo Vittar This one is very popular in Brazil First thing: It costs a lot of money to to produce this You get ready, but you don’t shoot You notice it, but you don’t face it You think you’re The Guy I want this see through outfit I want to be her The fan break is over over over over Go on But you’re full of stories and excuses You’re a coward, I’m in the mood But you are taking forever Damn! With her boots!.I’m going to throw it right on your face right on your face What? right on your face Can we try out this move? The one I was doing already I wasn’t doing this one like. I arrived Pabllo has arrived! I’m ready to attack When the bass hits, I’m going to twerk In your face I’ll throw, ah ah and shake, ah kiss Pretty, free, soft and loose I’m going to throw it right on your face I’m going to throw it right on your face, do you know what that means?

Did you get that? I don’t even need to know what she’s doing, saying This expression means “I’ll throw it in your face!” like, “I’m throwin’ It in yo face!” This movement where she does I’m sorry! Where she does this with the blonde hair look.right on your face I would break my neck She killed it! I liked it Dude, wearing that heel of this size There’s this word in portuguese, “cheguei” That’s what Pabllo Vittar is about She arrived (Chegou) We arrived as well you guys We are going to do this every sunday every sunday? Big sunday Again! We arrived as well you guys we are doing this every Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday “do, dos, da, de” (Portuguese prepositions) We arrived you guys actually, we are leaving We arrived as well! We are actually leaving! The Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday is over We’ll read your comments What do you want to see next week? Yeah Subscribe you guys we’ll see you on the next Big Sunday Give it a like Bye! Do I need to do all by myself? Found it Now she wants me to send it to her Shut up! No. I don’t have bad breath Shut up I can’t do this with her, producers! You guys.

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