Hey everyone! Damon It’s Jo And it’s Damon. Big Sunday Damon and Jo’s What happened to Damon And Jo? Let’s change everything Don’t exist anymore How’s it going everybody? We are here with our favorite TV Show Ok, that’s not a TV Show Music group They’re Jackson We are fans too everybody And we are looking for our next TV Show Or next favorite thing In Brazil So it came up to us: Novelas! (Soap Opera) Look, I didn’t even Ok, I knew there were Novelas But more like. Hispano Hablantes Hispanas? Like in Spain I didn’t know this came from Brazil There are many Novelas that are as great and goes on spanish channels here We tweeted Did you hear that? This time you twitted us some novelas But most of them said Avenida Brasil! You guys said it! If it’s outdated it’s because you’re old First moments of Avenida Brasil Intense music This guy is so famous What was that? Oh my god! Motherfucker! Get em! Get em! Like, maybe that’s not the best song For you to. Lipstick? There’s like broccoli You should have a friend that tell you when there’s broccoli on your tooth Thanks Damon Nobody does anything Nobody does anything This guy is in all the Novelas If you are watching one, he’s in it.


Ok You guys, this novela. I’ll drive you to the hospital Apologize! There are a hundred thousand things happening in the same. But I think these are only the first clips So it’s kind of like. It’s not the whole novela, it’s the most dramatic moments Oh, that’s why That’s why my blood pressure is really high Oh, this pretty face Actress of the year Why did she leave? They’re dating They’re dating, they’re dating That’s right. And we will be engaged Engaged? I like this in portuguese I feel like I can express a lot of english and portuguese You can do it like this It’s like “Noivo?” (Engaged) What is this? In french is like It doesn’t work like this In portuguese is funny talking like this In french is like Why are you talking like this? Quit talking like this Do you have a problem, sweetie? You’re Nina right? The new cook Damn! Damn, that’s a hot guy Ok, I want more That was the end of the episode? Holy shit! This is crazy And these titles Rita warn Genésio about Carminha Ok, let’s watch more Tell me you slut! Bunda? (Ass) Vagabunda For god sake, can’t you see it? This was well made, this is Rita’s There will be a slap? I’m waiting for it A really good slap.decided to turn you in I’m going to kill him! Shut the fuck up! Shut up! My mom screaming at me to clean my room Shut up Joanna! Go clean your room! They’re on her side now, can’t you see it?

I’ve never seen brazilians screaming like this They’re always in a good mood Because you never grew up in a Brazilian house With a brazilian mom Eat rice and beans! My mom Love you mom! Vagabunda! Vagabunda is a slut Because in english “vagabond” is someone who travels It’s not the same thing We’re not vagabundos That’s right, I’m vagabundo It’s like, the translation that doesn’t work It doesn’t Ok, next Let’s skip to episode I know, renting an apartment on the internet is complicated, right? The pictures are really better than reality But here is different. You’ll see Let’s start by the afternoon sun, look at this It’s all renovated. It’s incredible! It’s cool, quiet Wait a second Why Brazilians are the best sellers in the universe? An american would be like Oh, it’s just a water bottle Brazilian This water bottle will fill you for the rest of your life You’ll never have to drink water from another water bottle Because this water This water will fill you with water It’s specially watery A water Why everybody? I’m like this as well Damon be like “Shut it girl” There’s not such thing in the US Actually, it does There are “soaps” Soap Opera Yes But it’s not produced in the same way, doesn’t have the same sense I have another thing to say When I was in Cuba Em cuba, na cuba (Portuguese prepositions) When I was taking a walk Cuba When I went Cuba So, em cuba Na cuba English to portuguese Em cuba I was travelling in cuba and I noticed that all the homemade restaurants were called “Paladar” And I asked “Why is it called paladar?”

Then my spanish teacher, Pedro Perez He used to say He said that there was brazilian novela that was so popular in Cuba They decided that in the Cuban system If you have a restaurant in your house It will have to be called a “Paladar” Because in the brazilian novela there was a poor woman Who made a restaurant in her house with three or four tables And she called it “Paladar” Like palate Because everything she cooked tasted good It’s good for your palate And now this exists in Cuba because of an brazilian novela All these restaurants are called Paladar? Yes Because every cuban wants to get rich Just like this poor woman who made “Paladar” It made sense I have a question Jo I don’t know if I have the answer You’ll have Which do you want to watch next Rita is left in the dumping ground Nina cuts Carminha’s hair Max is murdered Oh my god Max is murdered! Or Nina puts garbage in food made by Carminha Things you didn’t know about Avenida Brasil Let’s watch this one Nathalia Dill’s character, Debora, Cadinho’s daughter Was inspired by a spanish socialite blogger She’s spanish? She was inspired by a blogger That’s interesting! Imagine if they make a novela about Damon and Jo You guys! Leave a comment Like, you’ll go, but I wont And suddenly I come with a knife and you with a Leave a comment down below: What would be the name of our novela? I want to know Like. Shut up Globo (TV channel) Shut up Don’t take this plane Oh my god You guys, assegura-se (make sure) Wow, is this a new verb? I don’t know what are you trying to say Subscribe everybody! And share this to someone who likes the brazilian novelas And don’t forget, seriously. If we have a novela, that maybe we’ll create a first episode I don’t know What’s the ideal name for a novela with these two creatures? I need to know Like, Globo, we have a great idea That is called “Vagabundos” Oh my god It makes sense in english you guys! Vagabond means a traveller A person who travels With no adress Kisses everyone! See you next Big Sunday Tchau Ok, let’s watch it She’s pregnant The maid who’s pregnant with the owner of the house In which the mother likes the wife Eight o’clock Novelas.

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