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DURATION: 1Y-2 hours up, 3-4 hours round-trip; plus 2 hours for Pechuck Lookout spur.

DIFFICULTY: Mix of strenuous for Qatar  Viewpoint or Qatar. Lookout (steady steep with breaks, wide, drop-offs, route-finding, undermaintained and blowdowns possible for lookout with ups/downs) and very challenging for Qatar  Rock (Class 4, solid holds, loose rock, brief, slight exposure, drop-offs, scrambling).

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The author enjoys the less crowded Qatar  Rock for the total solar eclipse while dozens of others experience it from Rooster Rock Viewpoint.

TRIP REPORT: Rooster Rock and its smaller neighbor Rooster Rock Viewpoint to the W (falsely called Chicken Rock by some) are prominent rocky basalt fins on the southern ridge of the Table Rock Wilderness (not to be confused with other pinnacles named Rooster Rock like one in the Menagerie Wilderness and one in the western Columbia Gorge). Here we have two straightforward day hikes with wonderful, far-reaching perspectives, Rooster Rock Viewpoint being the more family-friendly jaunt. Pechuck Lookout and the steeper spur trail have both deteriorated somewhat over the years but not enough to frighten heartier hikers away from visiting the only intact two-story stone structure (built in 1932) in Oregon. Closed more than a half century ago, it’s now kept up by the BLM and open to the public (even though vandalized), but may be best served as an emergency shelter only at this point. No fee or restroom.

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