Hey everybody It’s Damon And it’s Jo And it’s Damon and Jo Here with some products from Supermercado Brasil Why is this so sticky already? This happens because you don’t clean your kitchen properly I do clean! I’ve been editing these s and I don’t have enough time to do simple things So, don’t you. Wonderful This language that you’ve just created Hey brazilian people! Happy Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday Last week we went to Supermercado Brasil I think I was. Wearing the same outfit? Yeah She’s getting all of these Oh, boy I was looking for this And are you healthy (saude)? I mean, do you miss there? (saudade) Saude and saudade I miss some things The only thing he knows like, for a snack is tapioca He even got his own tapioca Yeah, yeah You came here to only get one tapioca? That’s all Jo Do you know how to make this tapioca? Why? There are different types of tapioca? This has been sitting in my fridge for a week Minha geladeira (My fridge) And I don’t even know what it is When I was in the brazilian supermarket I noticed that they had a lot of snacks that I remember from my childhood Which Damon never even heard of Do you know Goiabada? No Queijo Minas? What’s that? What about Farinha láctea? We got this? I remember saying that in the supermarket, like “Amandita is good” Amandita is good Amandita is not even a snack but I got it anyways because it’s so good This together is called “Romeu e Julieta” Why is that? Because it’s the perfect combination So romantic This looks like plastic for me Do you wanna cut it?


No Let me take another piece for me We are eating at pm It’s like a little snack Excuse me? That’s not my fault It’s not always like this Who’s hungry? Stop it, stop it! And you always ask me why I don’t drink tap water What is this everybody? It’s really like, no carbohydrates No carbs! This is my first time trying Goiabada With Queijo Minas Wait! It’s sticking on my teeth You guys. Disgusted face Stop eating with your mouth open! I like the “tastes” dos sabores (the taste of them) Ok, this How come this is butter if you can’t do this It’s so good! I love eating butter Next snack Next snack: Let’s make tapioca? With Queijo Minas? With the cops as well! If I could I’d eat the entire Queijo Minas by myself I would never eat again because I got. Cavities already? Tapioca is one of the things I tried in Brazil, didn’t liked it And. overtime? Depois de um tempo (Overtime) And overtime I started liking it a lot I’ve never tried tapioca You don’t add water or anything? No It’s just like a farinha? Yeah Don’t understand, don’t understand, don’t understand. Hold on It’s my first time seeing something like this It’s kind of like. Like, hard Old bread Next In contrast with the Goiabada I like the texture of this I feel like a grandpa Grandma? Grandpa. Which one is which? Vovó (Grandma), Vovô (Gradnpa) It’s Vô and Vó Vó means gradnma Vó it’s grandpa Wrong Ok, you tell me Vovô. Grandma Grandpa! Damn it! Voo it’s a flight = a pilot. A pilot = a man What do you mean? Are you saying only men can be pilots? No, you know what.

That’s a problem with our society Vovô has a sailors hat on top And vovó has a hair clip on top Anyways. Bug There was a bug. Everytime I’m getting better “Certo” (Better) My accent is changing everybody It’s changing from Rio to Northern, right? Cariocas comment down bellow Damon! Don’t change your accent! Ok, now we wait for the tapioca, right? That’s why I like it, because doesn’t require a lot of work “Requere”? I’m making up words Require? It’s a word Doesn’t require too much work The cops wants tapioca too! The right size to make tapioca Perfeito Carioca We speak like this: “perfeito” “Perfeito” It’s also another option Damn, do you wanna put some love into it? This side is yours Wow, thank you my friend Too much salt Wow, look at the cheese! So good I can’t! You know that it’s not really polite to eat with your mouth open right? When I was settling down here in the United States I used to think like “Americans are so rude” Everyone eats with their mouth open This is not true Disgusting I couldn’t describe this right here in the United States It’s the taste of a dry, roasted flour Don’t look at my nails, they are terrible Here in the US the biggest meal we eat is the dinner In Brazil is not quite like that You didn’t know? Me neither It’s not? We have the morning coffee After that we have lunch And then we have a snack But here in the US there’s no such thing Then when is the dinner? We don’t have dinner That’s why we are so thin! Watching the I was looking for a song to cook Suddenly eats a tapioca Next snack is a coffee with Fubá cake Do you have a mug? Caneca? Caneca Vocabulary Caneca is this Neca No! Pescoco (Neck) Coelho!? Caneca, cueca (underwear) What’s cueca? Underwear for men Cinnamon!

Caneca, that’s what is caneca Canela (Cinnamon) I need a caneca to drink my coffee Playing with a American This? Yes! Caneca! This is not a promotional It looks good to me Smell it, is good It reminds you of something in America? Pepper? I’m sorry? Pepper? No! Ok, what’s Fubá? “Extra moist” Do you know what “Molhadinho” means? Ok, Fubá cake, done. Don’t you feel like. You have a few pounds more? I have a extra kilo right here, another one here We are going to the gym after this, so eat it! Damn, that’s good That’s what it tastes like? I like that He thinks it’s rotten You didn’t liked it then? I see why it must be popular Like, coffee with cafe it’s really good But the cake is not really good But he doesn’t like cake everybody He can’t take all of this cake This cake can’t take it Let’s go, Farinha láctea You can’t? Are you done? Me in the gym in an hour Leave a comment down below If you snack or you have dinner I want to know Because in my house in Brazil was always just a snack And I used to go to bed hungry Last snack Smashed banana With this? With Farinha láctea You smash it a lot No! No way Farofa with banana? Add a little bit of sugar Just a little Like maccaroni and cheese? I never liked it And that’s how you eat it? Yep! This is popular? It’s like vomit Oh no No I can’t Let’s wrap it up. That’s why I like our channel like this Because I’m learning about Brazil And I’m learning again Thank you for watching everybody! Leave a comment down below of your favorite snacks What you remember eating or what you still eat to this day Like this if you’d like to have a snack with Damon and Jo in your house With your mom, aunt, grandparents. If you are cooking, I’m eating Except if it’s smashed bananas See you next time everybody! Kisses everybody See you Sunday, bye! I’m definetely feeling my heart racing Holding the cake Do you wanna sing with my banana? Comment down below if you know these songs The way we are singing they’ll never recognize.

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