It’s Big Sunday! Hey guys! How’s It going? What are you doing over here? It’s Damon and Jo It is Damon and Jo Happy Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday Maybe you’re thinking: Oh! Americans trying Açaí Why there’s a Açaí shop over here where I go everyday He already knows and love I don’t like Açai. I have a confession I can’t understand. Alright -.believe That you don’t like Açaí! Today I’m trying to start liking Açaí So I can be more brazilian. Let’s do It I’m closing it Bye! Bye! We are heading to the Açaí shop Bye! You guys, If you also don’t like Açaí, leave a comment down below I wanna know If I’m the only brazilian. There will be no comments, you’ll be the only one Who doesn’t like Açaí Because It’s way too sweet Annoying customer coming through Here I am! My two friends who work here you guys! I’ll speak french and portuguese with them Hi guys! How’s It going? He’s brazilian Ok. So, I don’t actually like Açaí I don’t like Açaí Watch the professional do it I’ll have a Felix Bowl.


Medium, with honey Which doesn’t even exists in Brazil I wan’t anything with chocolate on it She wants anything without Açaí I’ll have a nutella jar Will you pay for me? You are paying mine You’re paying then People come in here and ask: Why is it legal? Do you have an Açaí who isn’t legal? Like, who’s illegal Illegal, yeah You guys, they’re playing Lulu Santos! You don’t even know who it is I know exactly who are you talking about Luba? It’s Lulu Santos, not Luba TV Hey Luba! It’s so cool that this exists here in the middle of Koreatown Right by our house! Our address is Did you guys already knew that we have this out of Brazil? That Açaí is such a popular thing out of Brazil It is in my house Still not popular in my house There are no blueberries in Brazil?

I think we call it Blueberries I guess It looks like boobies That’s why he likes Açaí, because he’s into boobies Just kidding Maybe this is the day I’ll start liking Açaí That I’ll, I will “Que eu vou, vou me” Throw up “Vomitar” I’m sorry, I’m speaking so many languages in this shop that I. I’m so international I’ll throw up on you Look how pretty it looks! This is so pretty I just want to eat the nutella, but that’s okay. What is this face? This is very sweet, but it’s also very good. After this I’ll have an empanada because I need something salty Then something sweet, then salty, then sweet, then salty, then sweet. And that’s why I have to go to the gym three thousand times a week It’s always in the “two” The second “Na segunda” It’s always in the second “taste” Bite, or spoonful “Mordida, colherada” spoonful that you Feel the taste Realize that Eat it honey, just eat. It’s looking awful already because I don’t now how to eat like a grown up But I’m liking it What is this Jo?

A unknown number I think it’s a guy Please, read it to everyone In french What is this? I like this I don’t know but I like it I need new brazilian friends here Yeah, because I’m not brazilian enough But that’s why he comes here to Ubatuba everyday And how many friends do I have here? One, two, three. The three employees Everyone here be like: Get out of here you brat! He’s coming again Close the store as soon as they see you Lets do a. Real quick Real quick, let’s go I could eat this everyday You do eat this everyday Mirtilo? It’s mirtilo in portuguese Blueberries are Mirtilos Mirtilo Mirtilo You’re turning american Half. Half plus half Maybe it turns into one We are “halfs” Not in her case. Because she speaks six languages. I’m trying to speak at least one I’m not lying, I’m liking it I’m more brazilian now. Thumbs up because I’m a little more brazilian Are you pushing it? A little bit I’m gonna throw up you guys I’m feeling really good because I like Açaí I like it as well, but not as much Are you sure about that? No, but really, I like it a little better But this is to show you that you can also try to eat things that you don’t really like And that we have Açaí here in the United States Leave a comment down below. What do you guys want to see next Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday? Because we make s in portuguese every Sunday you guys Don’t forget to like this and Subscribe, kisses Bye, until next time! She hasn’t eaten any of it you guys. Wow, I can’t believe it. Bye.

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