Alright everybody It’s Domingão! Another DamonAndJo’s Domingão Another Domingão where I miss the brazilian world Another Domingão where I’m sick Another Domingão where we are traveling It’s another Domingão, right? I hope you are doing the things you want to do in life Because like, the sundays They’re gone already Now it’s another sunday Which means that the week goes by so fast Are you doing the things that you want to do? I got what I just said I thought that it would be really funny to do some brazilian things here in Paris To show you that there are brazilians here That you can move to another country That you can travel and live a international life That’s what I wanted to show you I went to a store called Brazil things Closed I can’t believe it They have all of this They also have feijoada But I don’t think they know the best feijoada recipe Feijoada with Havaianas Created by Jo and me And then I went on the Internet When is it going to be open? They no longer exist The products are no longer available Good to know What am I going to do then? There’s nothing else to do in Paris! So today you are coming with me and we’ll see what we can Find together, right?


I’m making this shot where it looks like I’m leaving, but I’m not really leaving Brazilian restaurant Paris Siri, do you know a couple brazilian restaurants? Knowledge is a good thing! Yeah Really Can you give me some recommendations of brazilian restaurants here in Paris France? We were talking about you But now we are talking about you If we are talking about me I want to tell you that I’m very hungry right now And you are not giving me any recommendations Of brazilian restaurants Or of any nationality You are not giving me any recommendations So what do you want me to do? She’s writing some crazy stuff Like, UberPOOL? If we are talking about me Let’s say I’m very hungry You are not giving me any restaurant recommendations Brazilian or of any nationality You are not even giving me recommendations What you want me to do You really got that, Siri Thank you Ok everybody I found another one called Tapiocaria And I really like tapioca Hello Hello, how are you?

I’m good Brazilian? Yes I am I’m not brazilian In my dreams. What’s your name? Diogo Diogo! And what are you doing in Paris? I came to Paris because my partner is french I went back to Brazil and after some time coming and going I thought it was best for me to stay here And how long have you been here? This year marks one year I’ll have the tapioca “nanã” Thank you Diogo Bye bye I can’t eat only a little amount of açaí When you give me açaí I want to eat the whole tub He’ll never stop eating Siri, have you been to Paris? I not even understood what I said Siri is not available There’s no Internet connection I’m not available Yeah Hello Hello, how are you doing? I’m good Do you have a vegetarian coxinha? This doesn’t exist To drink there’s everything Everything you ask is made with love and good care sweetheart I love brazilian people Let’s go with a caipirinha I’ll have a classic caipirinha Wait until it’s cute enough Alright, alright, alright I’m alone here in the bar Cool bar Alone the way I like it And you are both from the same cities? She’s from Salvador, Bahia Why are you in Paris? Each person has a history, right? Why France? Why not Spain or Portugal? The french culture I like France Why are you here? I’ve been here for years In France How many years? Eighteen Eighteen years I’m french already An hour later with my husband.

We married, had a daughter years later She went away and I stayed Went back to Brazil? Really? She couldn’t stand living here anymore So she went back and I stayed I’ve been here for years But I love it. I’m in love with this I’m in love as well Two hours later But don’t you miss We do But then there’s the family life too Because you end up blending in You marry, have children And then you start living in that rhythm And then it comes the holidays You, Brazil There’s the chance I have Because we work here I’m back everybody But it’s ok. I’m packing because tomorrow I’m leaving Just like the woman said at the bar The one who works at the Barracão When you feel good in place And I really feel good here There’s a couple places in the world where I feel really really good I’m really happy that I got to discover these places And I want you to discover these places too For you! So I wanted to show you that yes there’s a brazilian world here in Paris In France I think this is a really cool fact That’s it everybody I’m still sick But it’s my last night here in Paris So I’m going out of course And if you ever have the chance to come here Come! Come, come, come! With medicine Bye everybody I always ask myself If a person lives a long time in a place Only lives there because it’s easier Because maybe there’s other cities or countries That have things that they appreciate more than where they currently live in This is sad! But you got to travel and explore the world to discover what you like and what you don’t like That’s how it is, right?.

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