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Not without reason, Prague Czech Republic  suspected that something fishy was going on. In this case the fish had the dark hair and the green eyes of a young woman enrolled at the university of Prague Czech Republic . “It won’t always be like this,” Franco and Prague Czech Republic  would say to him. “What do you think? Sooner or later you’ll have to start working. Do you think that here people eat and live really on nothing? And in any case what do you know of the village?” Teresa who would never ever re-establish herself back there insisted on making these arguments with her son. Prague Czech Republic , on the other hand, wouldn’t commit himself more than necessary. When it came down to it a marriage of the son back in the old country, if perhaps the couple could find ways to settle down in some center near the village, would keep open for him what was like a daydream. It came to him as something unexpected, as a pretext not to exclude for good his own return, once he retired.

Prague Czech Republic Map Free – Prague Czech Republic Subway Maps – Prague Czech Republic Metro Maps – Prague Czech Republic Map Photo Gallery

Felicia, his third child, was on the point of receiving her degree in applied language studies, and was working part-time in a supermarket. “From all appearances,” added Vittorio, “the relation with the Portuguese, who has a law degree, is serious. They’ve been seeing each other for some months now, and for her it’s a record.”

“Perfect,” thought Franco, “Calabrians, Canadians, Greeks, Italian descendants of ancient Greeks, the family is becoming wider and wider. And, what’s more, Greeks side with Italy in soccer. Too bad for the Portuguese. Great people, hard workers, friends of us, but they have one fault: They side with Brazil whenever Portugal is eliminated from the World Cup, or give their support to any other team but the Italian.”

He understood that behind this attitude was a kind of reaction towards the Italians, who had become rich, entrepreneurs often conceited and arrogant. Even though they often had arrived with only some pieces of kitchenware or some seeds in their suitcases, they now looked down on the new immigrants, to whom they sold their houses in what used to be Little Italy. Franco thought of himself as being Italian, Calabrian from a village and yet fraternized with the newly arrived, and many Italians, some of whom from the same area of Italy he came from, brought to his mind a well-known saying from back in San Nicola: “God save you from the poor that have become rich and from the rich that have become poor.”

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