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My favourite hotel is one where I know the ropes, Port St. Lucie there is a fantastic view from the window, they offer a hot breakfast Port St. Lucie in the room rate, and there’s a glass of port and a chocolate before you go to bed. But, even if this place does exist and it isn’t a Port St. Lucie fantasy, I’m not going to tell you where Port St. Lucie it is as it too often gets booked out!

Port St. Lucie Map Free – Port St. Lucie Subway Maps – Port St. Lucie Metro Maps – Port St. Lucie Map Photo Gallery

ENCROACHING YEARS BRING EVERYTHING to an end and, at three thousand plus metres in the foothills of the Himalayas, I had to finally abandon any illusion I had of equestrian competence. My youthful memories of being up on tall stock horses (Walers) in the Queensland backblocks, enhanced by a lapse into tourist-brain mode during a three-day postconference tour, led me to accept the challenge offered by the high-plains horse hirers of Yunnan province’s Lashi Lake. I had somehow forgotten the possibility of taking a tumble! A photograph provided by the conference organisers shows me perched precariously on a dun-coloured mount that looked no bigger than the ‘sturdy mountain pony’ that figures in Banjo Patterson’s Man from Snowy River.

A major difficulty was that the stocky horsemen, whose ancestors likely traversed the caravan routes of Yunnan’s ancient Tea Horse Road, were using a rope knotted at a length suitable for a flat-race jockey instead of stirrup leathers. It would have been fine for someone who was 1.4 metres tall, but I suspect that even Patterson’s redoubtable Clancy of the Overflow would have found the seat challenging. My memory of staying on board through that last canter is of bouncing around like one of the more improbable cast members of Blazing Saddles. Being 2006, I didn’t even have the excuse of choosing to mount up because of some odd coincidence with the Year of the Horse (2002, 2104) in the Chinese Zodiac!

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