Where is the Golden Bear awarded? Where is the Bear of Gold awarded? The Golden Bear The Golden Bear? The Golden Bear? In Cannes, Venice, London, or Berlin? Eh, maybe In Cannes? Berlin? Yeah, I knew that! The Bear of of Gold At Berlin, ok yeah because Berlin is a little weird What is the capital of Switzerland? Stockholm, Geneva, Bern, or Copenhagen? It’s hard because it’s Svede like Sweden Sweden and Switzerland Which is which? Or Switzerland? Swedish is a language so Sweden is Swedish Stockholm isn’t even in Switzerland Copenhagen is in Denmark Geneva and Bern are in Switzerland Geneva Geneva Bern Which American party won the American elections? What year is it? Unfortunately, the Republican Party Oh it was Republican, fucking Trump Yay! Unfortunately I’m right Unfortunately correct Which fashion house received the biggest tops of the.


No, the ‘s Carli Bruni, oh my god, who the hell are these people? Versace, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, or Chanel? Versace, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel I don’t know anything about fashion Maybe Dior Dolce and Chanel? Chanel. Versace, damn it Versace What country, strongly affected by the economic crisis, was Alexis Tsipras elected head of in September? I think it was Greece Yes! Greece Which current capital was physically cut in two from -? Belgrade, Berlin, Tehran, and Prague Berlin. Yes Berlin? To the wall Now they ask a math question Let’s do math You participate in a lap car race There are cars at the beginning At the end of the th lap, cars give up At the end of the th lap, you pass the car. in nd place and finish the race in the same place. In what place did you begin the race? First? Ok if there are cars that remain there are places.

So the person who has nd place, by doubling that so that would be th, th place? It’s the nd place Second I am not going to be Miss Universe It’s fine, I’m done I wanna know how many Jo won The answer: points out of So I’m eliminated from the beginning Did you know that the jury takes the results into consideration for choosing the finalists? I didn’t know that The models must be pretty smart struggles w word “models” So today is a sad day. right? Let’s start with Damon Dominique’s score Show the results of Jo Franco,, Imagine if we had responded. The last. I know You travel to Beijing and. shit, such a long question Knowing that a Paris-Beijing flight is hrs and that you land at pm Paris time and knowing that Beijing is hrs ahead of Paris What time do you arrive in Beijing in local time? This should be easy because Jo and I do this all the time And also because I had a relationship between France and the US for years pm in Paris, that’s o’clock in Beijing No? So we add hours of flight time It’s o’clock, so in hours, it’ll be what time?

So it’s pm! How did you do it? I thought pm, o’clock, plus is If you want to try to play and win more than points play below And guys, it’s okay because there are other things in life If you do the test leave your answers, your results below because we want to know if you are wrong conjugation. are as stupid as us No If you are wrong conjugation Maybe we gave you a few answers here and there but, fine, we gave you some remporter (win), what does that mean?.

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